Quantitative Tools

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What Are Quant Products?

Quantitative Strategies are leverage on Mathematical and Statistical aptitude and Technology. With Quant products we aim to generate strategic tools that help make advisory more customized, disciplined and easy.

These strategies are becoming an increasingly important element in Equity and F&O dealing due to its capacity to do real time analysis and give lightning speed of output. Quantitative strategies reduce time to track positions and make decisions, make trading more disciplined, are scalable and able to implement strategies which are otherwise impossible manually.

We have multiple quant products to cater different audience sets and their investment philosophies which range from trading in options to harnessing opportunities on intraday movements.

Get Access to our technical expertise with our wide range of Quantitative strategies

Trade Guide Signal

Trade guide Signal is a new generation trend guiding tool to auto-generate buy/sell ideas based on pre-defined technical rules. Also get real time SMS?s when Entry/Exit signal ...

Option Writer

Option Writer does instant analysis and tells you whether to Write Options or not, as it may be sensible not to Sell Options sometime. It detects the trend & helps you in strike selection ...

Option dCoder

Options are complicated. We agree they are complex but exact science is a random world of equities Option dCoder, helps in dynamically monitoring and managing option portfolio like Pro...