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Aadhar Housing IPO Insights
18 Oct 2023

Thanks to the government’s push, the housing industry is well-primed to grow. In a bid to make full use of the situation, Aadhar Housing Finance Limited has decided to come up with a new IPO. If you’re looking for Aadhar Housing IPO details, here are some of the most important ones.

About the company

Aadhar Housing Finance Limited was started in the year 1990 in the state of Karnataka. According to a CRISIL report, as of FY20, the company was adjudged to be the largest affordable Housing Finance Company (HFC) in terms of Assets Under Management (AUM).

That’s not all. The company also boasts of having the largest customer base and the highest disbursal rate as of FY20. Aadhar Housing has a wide product portfolio, which includes loans for the purchase and construction of residential property, home improvement loans, home extension loans, and loans for purchase and construction of commercial property.

With around 292 branches across 20 states and union territories, the company enjoys a significantly large network that adequately covers urban, semi-urban, and rural areas. 

Aadhar Housing IPO details

Now that you’re aware of the company, here are some of the critical Aadhar Housing IPO details including the Aadhar Housing IPO date and the Aadhar Housing IPO share price band.

Aadhar Housing IPO date

The opening and closing date of the upcoming IPO 2023 of Aadhar Housing has not been made available as of yet. The company is likely to release the same at around the same time of the filing of the Red Herring Prospectus with SEBI.

Aadhar Housing IPO issue size

The entire issue size of the latest IPO from Aadhar Housing aggregates up to Rs. 7,300 crores, making it one of the largest IPOs in the country. The fresh issue of shares component is likely to net the company around Rs. 1,500 crores. Meanwhile, the remaining Rs. 5,800 crores would go to the promoter of the company, BCP TOPCO VII PTE. LTD., as part of the Offer for Sale (OFS) component. 

Aadhar Housing IPO share price

As with the IPO date, the Aadhar Housing IPO share price has also not been made available. However, considering the face value of the company’s shares being just Rs. 10 per equity share, the share price band is likely to carry a hefty premium.

Aadhar Housing IPO listing

The shares of the company would be listed on both the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as well as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Aadhar Housing IPO objectives

The company plans to use the net proceeds from its new IPO for augmenting its capital base to meet future capital requirements.

Before commencing online trading, always remember to open a Demat Account and Trading Account with a trusted and reliable financial partner.

If you already have an existing account, you can login to trade and invest in the IPO.

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