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How Can the Trade Guide Signal Help You Invest Better?
05 Jan 2023

Nobody said stock trading was easy, but it’s not that hard either - if you go about it the right way. What is the right way? Well, in the stock market today, there are clearly the right things you can do and the wrong things you shouldn’t do. The right things, chiefly, centre around being patient for long-term gains and thinking rationally while investing, not “blindly following the herd”. The wrong things include giving way to sentiment and acting impulsively. 


Everyone knows one thing exceptionally well about the stock market, or online stock trading activity today. That is, if you trade recklessly, you will lose out on potential rewards, and more importantly, make losses. To avoid this, technology provides an efficient answer with the Trade Guide Signal. This is an algorithmic-based tool that helps traders to invest effectively, making decisions according to artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. 


What exactly is the TGS?

The TGS, or Trade Guide Signal is essentially a useful tool, used by trading platforms such as Motilal Oswal, to help traders trade in better ways in the stock market today. This tool is a premium device, and is subscription- based. It is worth using as it can make a huge positive difference in the way you trade and the results you get from your trading. Traders often incur large losses as several traders have an unplanned trading method. Furthermore, trading decisions are made on the spur of the moment according to unfounded expectations, fear and mainly greed. The expert investors are those who make calculative decisions based on an organised and well thought out plan. Moreover, every trader is unique in their  personality and style of trading and this is a big determiner of how trades can go - well or badly. 


The TGS offers solid technology that provides you with a distinctive trading pattern, based on your singular style and helps execute your trades effectively. When all the mechanisms of your investing activity are governed by the digital age, right from when you open a demat account to online trading, the TGS is just another feather in your cap of tools to use while investing. It’s extremely easy to align yourself with technology to get any job done effectively, whether you want to open a demat account or trade in a systematic way. 


You Need a Trading Plan

Everyone needs a plan. If you are already a trader, you must know this. If you are on the verge of your trading journey, you must have already heard seasoned players recommend that you have a plan before venturing into the “treacherous” territory of trading. However, when you get into the stock market today, with a plan to back you, it’s not as scary as it seems initially. A trading plan, as ominous as it may sound, is nothing but a set of clear rules which define the what, how and when of trading activity. The plan, if supported by advanced technology in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning, can make you a systematic and proficient trader. 


When you first use the TGS system, you will have to undergo a test. This enables the Trade Guide Signal’s algorithm to identify your particular style of trading. The test is used to analyse the personality of a trader according to seven parameters, gauging trading behaviour patterns. The result? A candid and comprehensive picture of the trader’s strong points and weak areas. In this way, a trader knows which traits to use and which to avoid while trading. You make a plan to engage in any activity today, especially if you are a trader/investor. If you invest in any upcoming IPO, for instance, a plan must be in place for funding, researching the company, etc, before you invest. So why not for trading too?


The Trade Guide Signal - A Guiding Light

With ample advantages when you trade in the stock market today, the Trade Guide Signal can actually be your guiding light through any of your trading activities. A force that keeps you on track and lets you trade with clarity of targets and focus, the benefits you get are plenty. Key ones are highlighted below:


  • Place Orders in a Click - A signal to place any trading order can be done with a simple click. A form automatically opens based on a setting made in advance. Trading takes place seamlessly when you hit the “send” button. 
  • Stop Loss Trailer - The maximum loss from any trade is the Entry Stop loss. If any stock price veers towards your trade, Stop loss gets revised and is known as the trailing Stop loss. The percentage of the Entry Stop loss for every stock is distinct, based on the volatility of the stock in question.  The TGS gives you a calculated real-time trailing of Stop loss for every stock. It does this according to thousands of calculations to get a grip on the exact extent of its volatility. Online stock trading is a breeze with such a function. 
  • Rewarding Strategies - The Trade Guide Signal can help traders with 3 prime strategies for trading. These are basically positional trading, swing trading and intraday trading. Positional trading is conducted over a few weeks, swing trading is done over a few days, and intraday trading is conducted in a few hours in the span of the same trading day. In terms of position trading, signals from the TGS are generated on futures and options stocks with a feature of Stop Loss at 1.5% - 6%. The TGS generates swing signals on futures and options stocks in three indices (nine commodities and four currencies) at a Stop Loss of 1% - 5%. The TGS generates intraday signals on futures and options stocks (in three indices, four currencies, and nine commodities) at a Stop Loss at 0.05% - 1.5%. Moreover, the signals are generated in half an hour of the opening of the stock market. In the stock market today, these signals can be very useful mechanisms for new and seasoned traders. 


Armed with TGS

You can open a demat account today to trade in the stock market and find ease and convenience with the Trade Guide Signal. If you are involved in online stock trading, the TGS is great for you. You may also think of investing in any upcoming IPO to make your financial portfolio broader in scope and more diversified in nature.

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