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Introduction to Online SIP Calculator by Motilal Oswal
05 Jan 2023

A Systematic Investment Plan is one of the best ways to invest in the stock market. By infusing investments regularly at periodic intervals, an SIP allows you to take advantage of the rising and falling stock prices. That’s not all. Overtime, it can also lower your overall cost of investment through rupee cost averaging as well. 

But before you start investing in an SIP, it is essential for you to know just how much returns you’re likely to get through it, wouldn’t you say? So then, how do you go about determining this? Here’s where an online SIP calculator comes into the picture. Continue reading to know all about this nifty little tool.  

  • What is an SIP calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan calculator is an online tool that allows you to get a fair idea of the amount of return that you’re likely to get via an SIP. The investment plan calculator basically uses historical data to determine your future returns. And so, although the tool gives you the amount of returns, you should remember that it is only an estimate and can vary depending on actual market performance. 

  • What are the advantages of an SIP calculator?

In addition to letting you know the amount of returns that you’re likely to earn by investing in a Systematic Investment Plan, an online SIP calculator also offers a couple of other benefits. Here’s a quick look.

1. It helps you determine the amount of investment that you need to make 

By running different values through an SIP return calculator, you can easily determine the amount of investment that you would have to make to reach your investment goals.  

2. It only takes a few seconds

The tool is exceptionally easy and user-friendly. All that you have to do is enter the values in the calculator and submit. The tool will automatically calculate the estimated returns and display them to you within seconds. 

  • How to use an online SIP calculator?

As you’ve already seen above, using an investment plan calculator is extremely easy and hassle-free. Here’s the step-by-step process that you would have to follow. 

  1. Visit an online SIP calculator such as the one from Motilal Oswal.
  2. Enter the amount of investment that you wish to make each month. 
  3. Specify the investment tenure. 
  4. Enter the expected return per annum and submit. 
  5. The SIP return calculator will automatically display the principal amount of investment that you’ve made and the returns that the SIP would generate as well. 


See how easy it is to calculate the expected returns from an SIP? Now, if you’re planning to start one, you would need to have an online trading and demat account with you. If you don’t have one already, simply get in touch with Motilal Oswal to open one for free. 

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