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LIC IPO Refer & Earn Program A Boon For Life Insurance Advisors
09 Aug 2023

With lockdowns and social distancing restrictions affecting the life insurance advisory process, which has largely been physical, many life insurance advisors are seemingly finding themselves in a tough spot. 

That said, if you’re a life insurance advisor with a large client base, Motilal Oswal’s LIC IPO refer and earn program can help you get back on your feet with a steady stream of income. Wondering how? Continue reading to find out more about this unique opportunity. 

  • What is Motilal Oswal’s LIC IPO referral program?

The government of India is going full steam ahead to launch the much awaited LIC IPO by the end of this financial year. The public issue has already garnered extraordinary levels of interest from both individual and institutional investors alike. 

And being a life insurance advisor, you’re in the perfect position to take maximum advantage of this rare opportunity. How, you ask? Here’s how. A large number of the clients for whom you provide life insurance advisory are likely interested in investing in the LIC IPO. With the LIC IPO referral program of Motilal Oswal, you can leverage your client base to earn incentives for every single successful trading and demat account creation with us.

By becoming a Referral Associate with Motilal Oswal, all that you would need to do is refer your client base to us. Our dedicated client servicing team will take care of all the other processes involved in getting them up and about in the world of stock market and also help them invest in the upcoming IPO 2023. And you will be paid with an incentive for every successful account addition.

  • How is Motilal Oswal’s LIC IPO referral program a boon for life insurance advisors?

Here’s how our LIC IPO referral can be an advantage for life insurance advisors such as yourselves. 

1. Little to no effort on your part

There are absolutely no deposits or running costs involved with becoming a Referral Associate with Motilal Oswal. You don’t have to spend a penny from your side. Also, your effort is limited only to the extent of introducing your existing client base to us. Nothing more, nothing less.  

2. Ability to earn high incentives

The incentives that we provide as part of our LIC IPO refer and earn program are very attractive. Here’s a quick look at how much you can earn by partnering with us.


Incentives for account creation (per account)

Upfront Incentive on A/C Opening

Rs. 200

Additional Incentives on Margin Collection

Rs. 300

The more clients that you refer to us, the more incentives that you get to enjoy. For instance, you can earn as much as Rs. 50,500 in a year by just referring 101 clients to us.

3. Ability to enjoy a part of the brokerage

In addition to the demat account creation incentive, we’re also offering an additional incentive as well. For every successful transaction that your referred clients make, we will share 20% of the brokerage with you, for lifetime. The more transactions that your referred clients make, the more incentive that you get to enjoy. 

4. Timely incentive credits

You don’t have to wait an eternity to receive incentives from us. The referral incentives are paid out to you in the immediately succeeding month of account creation.


With so many benefits on offer, our LIC IPO referral program can help you create an additional stream of income. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll with us and become a Referral Associate right now.

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