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MO Trader App - Features and Updates

08 May 2023

Options Store: 

  • It offers beginners a convenient environment to trade, a seamless trading experience, and a simplified user interface to start their journey of options trading.
  • There are new features that simplify the process of trading for options traders.
  • The app offers ideas based on advice from top research analysts.
  • To guide the user in making trades, the app has an array of categories like ‘Starter,’ ‘Required funds < 10k,’ ‘Max Loss < 2k,’ ‘Multileg,’ and ‘Only Sell.’
  • The user gets constant support as well as the opportunity to earn better by reducing the risks associated with options trading, thanks to the strategies curated and recommended by experts. 
  • The ‘Predict and Trade’ feature helps users time the markets and carry out trades based on recommended option strategies that carry a high probability of success. 
  • The app supports superfast trading with minimal clicks and instant order placement.
  • Users can modify trade parameters like ‘Entry,’ ‘Stop Loss,’ and ‘Target’ on a single screen, and place orders in one go.
  • In the ‘Details’ section, users can get to know the maximum profit and the maximum loss on the trade, the breakeven point, the risk-to-reward ratio as well as the margin required for a trade. 
  • Users can trade in a jiffy with ‘Mega Free Option Strategies’ curated specially for Nifty, Bank Nifty and USD-INR trades.
  • The app offers a direct display of orders/trades on the ‘Dashboard’ and helps the user easily track the gain or loss on the ‘Trades’ page. 
  • Users can understand the finer details before they trade, thanks to the tools and tips that guide them regarding the many different trade parameters. 
  • The app has a ‘Detailed Order and Trade’ section that helps the user in making the best judgment for profitable trades.
  • Messages and pop-ups prompt the user about cases of errors, such as when the markets are closed or if there are insufficient funds in their account. 
  • A 3-click exit process helps the user clear their positions quickly. 
  • The user can sort and filter their trades and check the respective gains or losses on the app.
  • The app also allows users to activate carry-forward strategies in a simple manner.

Option Brains:

  • Option Brains is an advisory product for index options trades, with a major focus on options writing.
  • This product is specifically designed for users who only trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty options. 
  • Users will receive advice and recommendations about Nifty and Bank Nifty option trades on the ‘Advice’ tab.
  • Users can view updates on existing signals by clicking on the ‘Signal Commentary’ option.
  • Updates in ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Targets’ will be provided in a text format under the ‘Signal Commentary’ section.
  • Filter and sorting options are also provided above the ‘Advice’ tab to select calls for buying or selling, and to open or close target trades.
  • When the user clicks any particular trade, the app offers an option to buy or sell, as the case may be.
  • On clicking the notification on the MO Trader App, the user will be redirected to the MO Trader Order Form, which is pre-filled based on the call details. (The user will have the option to update the lot size).
  • In the ‘Market Commentary’ tab, users can get to know the direction of the live market along with a logical explanation of each trade, with price actions and pivot levels.
  • The ‘Performance’ tab allows users to know the performance of trades posted. It contains information like the total trades, the positive trades, ROI, lot size, total profit, and strike rates.
  • Two different options are provided to users for Nifty and Bank Nifty trades.
  • Users have the option to select the period for reviewing the performance. Some of the options for the periods that can be chosen include ‘Today,’ ‘Last 7 Days,’ ‘Last 1 Month,’ ‘MTD’ and more.
  • Users can also see all their trades in the trade-wise report that contains detailed information about each trade.
  • The ‘Profile’ tab provides information about their subscriptions to subscribed users.
  • For non-subscribers and users in the free trial program, the subscription charges are shown along with a helpline number, so they can get in touch in case they wish to subscribe.

Option Strategy Builder:

  • This is an innovative feature with an auto-execution functionality that facilitates seamless options trading. 
  • It gives the user the advantage of better price discovery and easier execution of options strategies. 
  • The user can reduce the need to constantly monitor the markets by pre-defining the trading parameters on the basis of predetermined trading strategies. 
  • In the ‘Instruments’ section, the user can search for specific single-leg strategies and even place multi-leg orders.
  • The user can also choose the instrument type, the name of the script, the strategy and the number of legs when placing an order.
  • The user can also define the ‘Entry,’ ‘Exit,’ and ‘Stop Loss’ in each trade. 
  • The app also supports the execution of single-leg orders with entry, exit and SL till expiry.
  • There is also a margin calculator feature for each strategy, along with a ‘Trade’ option that makes it easier to enter a trade. 
  • The app has a ‘Save and Load’ feature for carrying forward strategies.
  • The predefined and customized option strategy builder makes it easier to create and execute trading strategies.
  • The app also supports auto-execution of the desired spread with no manual intervention whatsoever.
  • The user gets access to educational videos for more information on the stock market and options trading. 
  • The user can define the ‘Entry,’ ‘Exit’ and ‘Stop Loss’ for four different legs individually in the same order.
  • The user can modify parameters like the total lots, order lots, entry spread, exit spread, stop loss spread and MPP% through the strategy grid before execution.
  • In the ‘Order Form’ the expiry only needs to be selected for one leg; and the expiry for the second leg will be automatically selected. The user needs to define the strike price for both the legs. The field pertaining to the ‘Option Type’ cannot be edited and is auto-populated as per the strategy specifications.
  • The ‘Buy/Sell’ parameters are set by default for bull call spreads and bear put spreads. For strategies like straddle and strangle, the ‘Buy/Sell’ parameters for ‘Leg 1’ will also be applicable to ‘Leg 2.’ No strategy will be added in case any of the fields are left blank.
  • The app currently supports strategies like the bear put and call spread, straddle, strangle, butterfly spread, the iron butterfly and condor, the long condor, and any custom strategy.
  • With the ‘Get Margin’ function, the user can get the margin required for the strategy created. 
  • The user can also compare the required and the available margin, get to know the benefit of the spread margin for the strategy created, and view a detailed breakup of the margin amount on the app. 
  • The ‘Day Trade’ summary in the app provides details of the realized and unrealized profits and losses.


The app helps users square off the positions in any of the exchanges, irrespective of the exchange in which the position is open.


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