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Mutual fund transactions

05 Jan 2023

The virtual world is the reality for most of the planet today. There is virtually nothing you cannot do online, from paying your bills to investing in a host of products. For those of us who have been making the excuse that investment is a complex process and “tedious” to execute, the excuses have all but run out. So, if someone advises that you buy mutual funds online, and especially, if you have the cash to spare, you may find it hard to deny the suggestion. Today, mutual funds are the most favourable investment channel for millennials and seasoned experts in investing. They have more pros than cons, and you may see good returns if you invest. 

Buy Mutual Funds Easily

Investing is not child’s play, but it's not so tough, either. Technology has facilitated investment to a large extent, made it easy for both the young generation and seniors to invest, and operates in a way that offers ease from your own home. For instance, if you wanted to invest in stocks in previous times, you would have had to be physically present at a bank or a financial company to open a demat account. Now, all processes can be undertaken online, through websites or even via your smartphone. And who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Practically everyone has one, or at least one, in any given family in India, whether in tier 1 or tier 2 cities. Even villages with access to the internet have residents who own smartphones and are savvy in their functioning. So, the conclusion is that anyone can invest. Moreover, apps, like the MO Investor, have user-friendly operations and all investments are easy to conduct. 

Efficient Mutual Fund Investment - With a Click!

As far back as 2013, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) initially thought of making mutual funds more accessible to a host of eager investors through online platforms. Now, every AMC and bank gives you access to its mutual funds online. You can not only purchase mutual funds online with secure transactions, but also validate documents by uploading them. Moreover, just as easily as you subscribe to any upcoming IPO online and do research before investing, you can do your homework with mutual funds too. With a click (or a few), you can compare mutual funds from different fund houses, even track the records of fund managers, and make informed decisions about funds to invest in online. Aligning your own financial aims with any potential investment is of the utmost importance, and you can easily pick funds that suit you, from debt funds to equity or balanced mutual funds. All you need is your smartphone or a device that gives you online access. 

Apps for Success

If you are one of those wary investors, you can start your investment path and open a demat account to invest gradually, with small sums, in the equity markets. You can also look into any upcoming IPO, if you are interested in building your capital by growing with a company that you may have faith in to offer you returns. However, suppose you are seeking real diversification of your financial portfolio, as most investors should, mutual funds provide you with less risky options, and you can start to buy mutual funds with an investment of as little as Rs. 500, especially if you invest via a SIP. You should explore all the possibilities online quickly and conveniently. 


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