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Need to know about MO Investor app

12 Jun 2023

The introduction of mobile trading has completely revolutionised the Indian stock trading landscape. Almost all stock brokers now provide intuitive solutions for stock investments through their very own smartphone application. Motilal Oswal’s MO Investor app is one such example. 

Now in a new and upgraded version, the app comes with a slew of new features that not only make trading easier, but also more effective as well. Wondering what the customised features of the MO Investor app are? Continue reading to find out about the app. 

What is the MO Investor app?

The MO Investor app is basically a share market investment application built by one of India’s leading stock brokers - Motilal Oswal. The smartphone application is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be easily downloaded through their respective app stores. 

The MO Investor app, through its simple and fast user interface, offers quick and hassle-free access to the stock market. In addition to supercharging your trading, the smartphone application also offers a host of intuitive solutions for stock investments. 

What are the different products offered by the MO Investor app?

Here’s a quick glimpse into the various products that you can trade in through the MO Investor app. 

1. Stocks 

With the MO Investor app, you can invest in stocks of Indian companies listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). 

2. Mutual Funds

In addition to stocks, the share market investment app from Motilal Oswal also allows you to quickly invest in mutual funds as well. You can get access to theme-based mutual funds and crafted mutual fund portfolios on the app as well. 

3. U.S. Equities

Why restrict your investments to only Indian stocks? With the MO Investor app, you can expand your horizon beyond the Indian borders. The smartphone app allows you to invest in more than 3,500 U.S. stocks and ETFs. 

4. Pre-Constructed Portfolios

Wish to simply pick a portfolio and start investing right away? With the Intelligent Advisory Portfolios in the MO Investor app, you can do just that. You get access to exclusive pre-packaged equity portfolios that you can simply pick and choose according to your needs and requirements. 

5. Digital Gold 

Mutual funds and stocks aren’t the only asset classes that you can invest in using the MO Investor app. Digital gold, which is a very popular way of investing in gold, is also now accessible through the smartphone application under the ME-Gold scheme.  

  • What are the various features of the MO Investor app?

Now that you’ve seen the different kinds of products on offer, it is time to take a look at a few of the customised features of the MO Investor app

  • Educational videos on stock trading and financial markets 
  • Completely customisable watchlist 
  • Investment in IPOs through UPI 
  • Stock and mutual fund SIP 
  • Price alerts 
  • Trading reports 
  • Comprehensive ‘Get Quote’ page on every stock and mutual fund
  • Conclusion 

And there you have it - everything you need to know about the MO Investor app. This share market investment app from Motilal Oswal is not only powerful and feature-rich, but can also completely transform the way you trade. Download the app on your smartphone right now and check out the plethora of features on offer right away.

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