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Open Demat Account and IPO Application on WhatsApp
03 Aug 2023

 In a new turn of events, many popular and reputed brokerage firms have decided to offer IPOs or initial public offerings through the facility of WhatsApp. Furthermore, besides letting potential investors invest in an IPO through whatsApp, demat accounts can also be opened through WhatsApp. One of these brokerages is the legendary Motilal Oswal. 

  • Upcoming IPO Availability

This is a first in the financial world of trading and investment. For investment in any upcoming IPO, 2021 was the year in which the news of the availability of WhatsApp as a platform for this benefit of investment came up. This kind of facility will be available to all registered users of a brokerage like Motilal Oswal. Furthermore, even if you are not registered, you can always open a Demat account and get the advantage. Online Demat account opening is a possibility, through the service of WhatsApp. 

  • Services Through WhatsApp

Any new IPO that comes about can be easily accessed through WhatsApp with the new advanced technology that the app provides. With end-to-end support regarding any IPO applications, customers are empowered to open accounts extremely easily and very quickly. Already, Motilal Oswal is one of the premier brokers in India, offering customers a user-friendly platform with features that make investing and browsing for investments easy. With a backing of a broad area of research, the Motilal Oswal intuitive platform gives users the ability to navigate seamlessly. Moreover, the broker gives investors insights into the markets. These are valuable, handpicked hints that show good returns for investors as far as the reputation of the brokerage goes. The main feature of subscribing to a new NSE IPO through WhatsApp, whether a registered user of Motilal Oswal or not, is that investors can invest in the IPO without shifting out of the WhatsApp window for chats. The entire application process is done, therefore, at one spot. 

  • The Future of Investment

Through the WhatsApp application, opening both a Demat account and subscribing to an upcoming IPO 2023 is a smooth and very rapid process. This is easier than opening accounts online too. Enabling access to sources of investment and financial resources ‘on-the-go’ is the mantra of today’s investors. Innovation is the key to all services that provide this. Motilal Oswal, has always changed in a positive way, with changing times, imbibing new technology to attain a higher customer base. The aim of introducing novel ways of investing is to target the young investor who is ready for wealth creation. Upwardly mobile millennials are the focus here, encouraging the youth in more remote areas of the country to invest easily. As WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps in India today, not just among the youth, but with all age  groups, the promise of new inventors is encouraging. 

Kick Start Investing

You get a head start when you start investing with the help of Motilal Oswal. Incorporating technology and core ethical values, Motilal Oswal offers you security and fruitful investing opportunities. 

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