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Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO Details with Share Price Range and Issue Size
05 Jan 2023

Opening Date

September 01, 2021

Closing Date

September 03, 2021 

Face Value

Rs. 1 per equity share

IPO Price Band 

Rs. 522 to 531 per equity share

Minimum Order Quantity

28 equity shares 

Issue Size 

35,688,064 equity shares (Rs. 1,895 crores)


The month of September, 2021 is off to an exceptionally good start with three upcoming IPOs scheduled to hit the shores. One of them is from one of the leading diagnostic centres in India - Vijaya Diagnostic Centre. Here’s an overview of some of the key Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO details. 

  • About the company  

With over 40 years of experience, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd is one of India’s oldest diagnostic centres. As with any other diagnostic centres, the company’s primary focus lies in providing consumers with class-leading pathology and radiology services. 

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre’s product portfolio is quite extensive with over 220 basic tests, 740 routine tests, 870 specialized tests, and 320 advanced radiology tests. The company boasts of around 80 diagnostic centres and 11 reference labs across 13 different states. 

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO details    

Let’s now move onto the main part of this article. Here, we’re going to be looking at some of the most important details of this upcoming IPO such as the Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO date and Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO share price.

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO date

According to the Red Herring Prospectus filed by the company, the public issue is slated to open up to the public on September 01, 2021, with the last date for subscription being September 03, 2021. 

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO issue size

The total issue size of the latest IPO of Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd is around Rs. 1,895.04 crores. The entire issue is an offer for sale from the company’s promoters, with no new shares being issued.  

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO share price

The price band of the company’s upcoming IPO has also been announced as Rs. 522 to Rs. 531 per share. Considering that the face value of the company’s shares is just Rs. 1 per share, around Rs. 521 to Rs. 530 would be the share premium. 

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO listing 

Since the IPO of Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is from the mainboard, it would be listed on both the National Stock Exchange as well as the Bombay Stock Exchange. 

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO objectives 

Since the entire issue is from the promoters of the company, all of the sale proceeds would go to them and not the company. 


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