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What is Forex Hedging
05 Jan 2023

Investors of all kinds use hedging to mitigate risks. Hedging stands for a protective strategy that can safeguard an investor’s or a trader’s position from price movements that may prove adverse. Typically, what hedging means is to open a second position likely to have a negative relation with the main asset. What this means is that in case the main asset’s price experiences a negative movement, the position that is second experiences an opposite movement which offsets any losses. 

In online forex trading, traders can use a second currency pair as a hedge for a currently held position. Hedging can be a good tool to stave off any losses, so you should know how it is used. 

Get the Basics Right

When you use the tactic of hedging with your online forex trading, you can manage to open a position with a currency pair which counteracts any possible shifts in another currency pair. This hedging works assuming that the proportions of the positions are identical and the shifts in price have an inverse correlation. Thus, the changes in price have the ability to cancel out one another while both are active. This may eliminate any potential gains when such a window is open, and also paves a way to limit loss. 

Direct Hedging

In the realm of online forex trading, direct hedging is the strategy that most traders use in the forex marketplace. This is the simplest way to use hedging to have some advantage while attempting to prevent losses. In this method, traders will open at a buying position and a selling position with the identical currency pair. This is done with the intention of preserving any profit made or preventing any more losses. Additionally, in other strategies, traders may use more complex hedging mechanisms that leverage some known correlations with two pairs of currencies. With the advancements of online trading, hedging strategies are conveniently and quickly used by traders. 

Make Hedging Work for You

When you open a demat account to trade in the stock market, your main goal as a trader will be to make profits. However, another goal is to prevent losses. Traders on the stock market floor also use various methods of hedging to protect themselves from loss in the equity markets. In forex markets, you deal with currency pairs, and hence, your strategy to offset losses may have the same goal, but application will be a bit different. 

With online trading in forex markets, the way to open a forex hedge is not hard. The strategy begins with an open position that currently exists. Typically, this is a long position. Here, the initial trade will anticipate a shift in a particular direction. Therefore, a hedge can be created when traders open a position that runs in contrast with the expected shift of the currency pair. This permits traders to remain with an open position regarding the original trade. There are no losses incurred if the shifts in price are against the expectations of traders. Traders should note that this is a useful hedge for preserving gains that have already been made. 

On Your Way to Forex Markets

If you want to invest, you can either open a demat account and start investing in stocks, or go in for any upcoming IPO. However, there are other asset investment avenues that may be lucrative, and you can broaden your scope of investment with currency trading. Knowledge is the key to making your trades work, whatever you choose to trade in, and hedging has been used for years. 


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