If you're interested in stock market trading the first thing you need is a stock trading account and the Depository Participant account. You can only trade in stocks via the brokers who execute your buy or sell orders. The trading however will be done in consultancy with you through your trading account. You can choose to trade through the conventional offline stock trading or you can trade online from your online trading account but you 'll need to open share trading account either way.

Here's how you can start

For opening a share trading account you need to register with any of the online trading portals or you can contact your broker to open a share trading account. The service providers take a nominal charge for opening the account which you have to incur. Some stock broker firms charge an annual maintenance fee for your share trading account. Check the respective fees of the various portals before you start so that you get the best service at the best price.

Check for the reputation of the service provider for opening share trading account. Read all the details possible before you begin. Confirm service reviews from friends, colleagues, relatives and testimonials. Be sure that the company is offering trading facilities at the stock markets that you are actually looking out for. Look for the services they provide. The more you get is better as you would not need to go somewhere else for these investments.

The security of your personal and banking details and financial information is a matter of great concern. Be ensured of the online security measures the company deploys to your share trading account.

Your checklist for opening your share trading account

  1. One recent passport size photograph
  2. Proof of Bank Account: Any one of the following
    • Copy of Bank Statement
    • Copy of first page of the Bank Pass Book
    • A cancelled cheque (only if the account holder's name is printed on it)
  3. Proof of Address: Any one of the following may be submitted
    • Passport copy
    • Driving license copy
    • Bank Pass book copy
    • Verified copies of: Electricity bill or telephone bill in the customer's name (not more than two months old)
    • Leave and license agreement/agreement for sale
    • Copy of Ration Card
  4. PAN card

It's a simple process

While a DEMAT account is like a holding account where shares are added or reduced when you carry out corresponding buy/sell transaction, a trading account helps you to carry out these transactions. So after you create your DEMAT account you can go on to creating your trading account as well.

  • Register with an investment broker or company.
  • Quote the bank account number for every transaction and settlements.
  • Gaining access to an online account requires a username and password.
  • Once you register and have the login details, you can begin the trading and initiate the process of sales, purchases and settlements.

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