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 Legal complexities for opening multiple demat accounts

Having a demat account is a main requirement if you want to trade in the stock market and hold shares of a company. A demat account can be opened with any reputed brokerage or the demat section of a bank, and your purchased shares are held in a demat account in electronic format. With a demat account, you get the seamless operation of buying and selling stock in the stock markets, and can open a demat account online easily. However, you may want to open more than one for any reason, and you can do this too. 

Having a Demat Account - A Prerequisite

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made it mandatory to open a demat account if an investor wishes to invest in the stock market today. A demat account does not only serve the purpose of holding assets in a digital format, but is also linked to a trading account that facilitates the transactions in stock exchanges (buying and selling of shares). Both a demat account and a trading account are further linked with an investor’s bank account to allow for the smooth flow of money (to buy and sell shares). It is certain that you require a demat account to invest in securities like stocks, commodities, etc., but can you open more than a single demat account? 

Is opening more than one demat account legal?

 Today, with investment in the stock markets on the rise, several brokerages and banks tempt customers with demat account offers like zero maintenance fees and the like. These may appeal to investors like you, and you may want to open more than one demat account. However, you may be considering whether there are any legal rules binding this. The fact is, investors are free to open multiple demat accounts, whether they are investing in stocks, commodities, or any upcoming IPO. It is perfectly legal to do so. You may wish to open separate demat accounts to hold different asset classes to better organise your portfolio. Nonetheless, there are some aspects to opening multiple accounts, and you should be aware of these. 

Opening More than One Demat Account 

Consider the following before you open multiple demat accounts:

  • It is legal to have multiple demat and trading accounts, but with a caveat. You are not permitted to have multiple demat and trading accounts with the same depository participant (a bank or a broker), or DP. You are allowed to open different demat accounts with different DPs. 
  • Demat accounts attract certain fees, like annual maintenance fees, so the more you open, the more fees you may have to pay. However tempting demat account offers may seem, you have to check which DPs offer you features that attract minimum fees and charges. 

Closing Lines on Perks

You can avail of perks if you open multiple accounts. If you open a demat account with one DP and choose to open others with different DPs, you get the facility of keeping your distinct securities organised in separate portfolios. If you are a serious trader and investor, this can be useful. For instance, you may be interested in direct equity, the commodities sector and any upcoming IPO, but wish to hold assets separately to avoid confusion. 


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