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 Types of online calculators

People have wants and needs. Needs may be classified as things that any individual must have, such as an education, or money for retirement. Wants are basically desires that individuals may wish to spend money on, such as a car. You may have resources at your disposal, but they may not prove sufficient to fund your needs, or wants, or both. Nowadays, analysts and other financial experts can’t stress the need for investment enough, urging people to invest early. Many individuals do invest wisely, viewing the importance of a financial portfolio. Furthermore, while taking stock of their investment choices, the stock market today proves a worthy investment source. 

The Importance of Diversification

However, all your funds should never be allocated to one single basket. If you diversify your scope of investment, you stand to gain higher rewards while taking care of risk factors. Therefore, some investments may do well at certain times, while some may fail, but you still stand to gain. It is also worth diversifying your portfolio to invest in a variety of instruments so that these may grow your wealth over your investment horizon. 

So, you may likely invest in the highly dynamic stock market today after you open a demat account, but you should also explore other investments such as mutual funds or SIPs, and a range of retirement plans. Apart from investment in stocks, how do you decide on investments with other plans? After all, there are so many out there. The smartest way to diversify your portfolio and choose different investment schemes is to make use of versatile online calculators. These can help you select your investment instruments from diverse sources based on your special needs and goals. 

Everything Online

What does an investor need to invest today? Apart from capital, of course, investors who wish to invest today simply need a smart device to invest and do so quickly online. From online trading in any markets ranging from stocks to commodities, investors may invest in various plans and schemes with brokerages, banks and asset management companies online. You can also invest in an upcoming IPO online.  For several investment instruments like mutual funds and retirement plans, including specific plans like ULIPs, there are online financial planning calculators that inform and educate potential investors. These help investors choose the investment that matches their specific needs according to the returns that they require, and the tenure in which they need it. Knowing about the main online calculators that are used as aids in different types of investment modes is the key to making the right choice. 

A Range of Online Calculators

Whether you indulge in the regular investment of stocks in the stock market today or plan any other investment mode, if you plan your investments well in advance, there is always room for fulfilling your financial wants as well as your needs. A financial online calculator can help you plan your investments and here are some that you can use:

  • Mutual Fund Returns Calculator - If you take the ever-popular mutual fund route, there are different returns you can make with different funds. Mutual funds can give you returns annually, after a 3-year term, or after a tenure of 5 years. In case you wish to know near-accurate returns for all the periods, according to the lump sum that you initially invest in any fund, you can find out through an online mutual fund returns calculator. All you have to do is fill in your lump sum of investment, your tenure, and your expected return rate, which is just a gauge based on past return rates in the fund chosen. Of course, since mutual funds invest in the market, returns may not be exactly guaranteed, but you get a rough clue. 
  • SIP Calculator - You may be involved in online trading, but investing in a SIP is a good idea for those who have small amounts to invest frequently. With a SIP calculator, you get information about how much to invest on an installment basis to get the returns you are seeking. Furthermore, you have the ability to step up your SIP investment with more capital in case you have funds to spare. Increasing your investment gives you higher returns and these can be calculated with a SIP calculator too. 
  • Retirement Calculator - A retirement online calculator tells you how much capital you will need at the time you retire. This gives you some idea of the corpus you need to invest to achieve this goal. According to your earnings in the present day, and an estimated inflation rate, you can calculate how much of a corpus to collect. Then, you can work on an investment plan accordingly. In a retirement calculator, you have to enter your present age and the age at which you will retire. Some retirement calculators even have a field to enter your life expectancy. Then you must enter your current monthly expense, and any investment you may have already made. Whether you are invested in the stock market today, or any other form of investment, the retirement calculator tells you how much to save each month in order for you to calculate a certain amount at retirement. 
  • Compound Interest Calculator - Some investment instruments give you the power of earning interest over interest earned along with your capital invested. This is called compounding of interest. Such investments give you more of an opportunity to grow your wealth over time. In case you wish to invest in schemes like PPF (Public Provident Fund), or in a mutual fund in which your returns are reinvested back into the fund, you can calculate your returns with a compound interest calculator

Plan Your Finances Early

The youth are realising the importance of investment and this can only mean high returns for this demographic. Saving is not enough, and you will discover that most young investors rush to open a demat account and invest in the stock market today with urgency. Still others who are on the brink of earning their first salary are interested in investments like mutual funds and SIPs. Millennials also show a lot of interest in new companies about to release an upcoming IPO. These are good signs for the investment world in general and show that people are interested in using online tools to save and grow wealth. 

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