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10 things you can buy on Diwali

24 Jul 2023

Diwali is indeed one of the most auspicious days, and it is considered that the investments made on this day will bring in good returns in the future. Most of us do not have a clear strategy on how this money has to be invested and hence end up spending it on unnecessary things. You can invest in a number of things this Diwali.

Let’s now have a look at the 10 things that you can buy this Diwali for yourself and your family.

1. A House
If you have been waiting for long to own your dream house, and have it all ready to buy one, Diwali happens to be the best day to do so. Many people purchase house or a property on the day of Dhanteras as it is known to be the most auspicious day to invest in anything. Know more about Property Advisory

2. Invest in Gold or Silver
Gold and Silver have been the most popular options to invest during Diwali. While women love jewellery, others can also invest in gold bars or coins which are of highest purity. Other than physical forms of investing in gold, people can also choose the electronic forms of investing like Gold EFTs and E Gold.
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3. Invest in Stocks
Those who are new to stock trading can also invest in Shares / Commodities to reap high returns in coming days. Many investors and traders do purchase stocks on the day of Diwali and invest the same in the names of their kids and other family members. These are not usually sold off but are seen as long term investments. While shares are the most opted, traders also invest in commodities during the trading session on the day of Diwali. Get live updates of stock market-Click Here

4. Mutual Funds
While mutual funds are mostly considered to be risky, a smart move taken with the advice of a financial planner can help you invest in the right one. You can buy mutual funds that come with a low risk and invest your funds wisely.  
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5. Buy an Insurance
Having Insurance  is a must in today’s age and if you have not taken insurance yet, this is the time to do so. If you have been postponing this for long due to lack of funds or any other reasons, this is the time to get your family adequately insured.   Human Life Value calculator-Click Here

6. Invest in Public Provident Fund
Most of us do believe the saying “Money earns Money”. This holds true with some of the Medium Risk Options of investment that are available in India. PPF is the safest option and it is totally tax free too. The PPF account can be opened in any post office or a bank and the funds can be locked in for a period of 15 years. During to this period, one earns compound interest on the sum invested. The compound interest earned on PPF can be significant over time. You can use a PPF calculator to estimate how much your investment will grow, so you can see how much you will have saved for your retirement.

7. Post Office Investments
One can also invest the funds this Diwali by buying National Saving Certificates. There are also other rewarding investment options available with post office and these are risk free.


8. Fixed Deposits
Fixed deposits too are low risk investment options. While most of them put their funds in the bank FDs, people can also invest in company FDs as they provide a higher interest rate. While choosing company FDs, one has to choose the maturity period with care. Though these are the most opted ones by many, one has to be cautious as these are not under the control of RBI.


9. IPOs
Other than the above mentioned, another best option to invest your funds this Diwali comes in the form of Initial public offerings This is considered as a lifetime opportunity by many as it happens just once in any company. However, make sure to choose the IPOs from good and reputed companies.  
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10. Bonds
If you are worried about investing in mutual funds, you can invest in bonds; you can find a number of good bonds that offer a good return on investment. The bonds too are issued under the government regulation and hence are considered safe.
Now that you know the Investment Ideas for Diwali, it is your turn to make a wise choice to invest smartly.

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