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Can You Use the MO Trader App for Intraday Trades

05 Jan 2023

If you are a trader with some amount of risk tolerance and wanting to see your trades squared off at the end of a trading day, day trading is for you. In fact, the majority of fresh traders that enter the trading world, expect that day trading will be a fruitful venture for them. The energy of young traders, fast devices and trading platforms that offer seamless experiences like the one on the MO Trader app has prompted many traders to stick to day trading. 

Intraday Trading with the MO Trader App

Day trading or intraday trading involves traders trading in a stock, buying or selling, and closing on that stock in the same trading day. This could be somewhat risky for the majority of traders, but it has its appeal in the fact that trades end on the same day, giving traders the chance to make daily profits (if they are fortunate). On a distinctive and unique app from a full service broker called Motilal Oswal, comes the MO Trader app. This app is especially good for day traders as it is filled with advanced features that facilitate intraday trading. Such an app could be the best mobile trading app for you. 

Why You Should Have the MO Trader App

Trading is all about the aspect of being precise in terms of the time to trade. In fact, to make the most of volatility and price fluctuations, time is the key to get the stocks you want at values you want. The MO Trader could be your best mobile trading app for intraday trading as it is especially designed for traders, more than regular investors. What’s more, you don’t necessarily have to open a Demat account to partake in trading as trades are opened and closed on the same day. However, in case you wish to diversify your portfolio, a Demat account will help you when you open it on Motilal Oswal. Coming to the reasons why you should have the MO Trader app, the best app for intraday trading, here are the main ones: 

  • The trading app is created to exclusively cater to traders who wish to undertake intraday trading. It helps traders with the information they need to be prepared for any activities that take place on the stock market to facilitate intraday trades. 
  • The app also permits traders in the execution of not one, but many, orders at once. This saves time and effort and paves the way to make the most of multiple stock trading opportunities. 
  • The ‘Power Trade’ is a tool that is included in the app and this lets traders add any given number of stocks to the platform for seamless and simultaneous trading. 
  • Intraday traders who are just starting out can use the app successfully too. There are many hints and tips that are practical and aid trading.
  • One of the best trading apps for beginners, the MO Trader permits an intraday trader to reserve profits based on minimal fluctuations in price. 

An App Every Trader Needs

In case you want to make investing a habit, which is a good habit to have, you should open a Demat account at Motilal Oswal and discover a gamut of investment opportunities to allocate your wealth in different spheres of investment. Additionally, the MO Trader app can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphone for your day trading and other investment requirements on the go. 

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