Effects of Sasikala's Convict on the Indian Stock Market | Motilal Oswal

Effects of Sasikala's Convict on the Indian Stock Market

V K Sasikala is the close aide of Tamil Nadu 's late Chief Minister, Dr. J Jayalalithaa. Her family members along with her are famously known as 'Mannargudi Mafia '. Her family members were once expelled from Poes Garden way back in 2011. This was because they were constantly interfering the CM (Late J Jayalalithaa) not allowing her to focus on welfare developmental activities of the state. This apparently angered the late CM so much that she decided to expel the mafia gang off her residence at Poes Garden. V K Sasikala now in jail then wrote an apology letter to the CM that she was not aware of the misleading activities her family members had been bringing to the state and then Jaya took her back into her alms. But the other family members of Mrs. V K Sasikala were not allowed to enter Poes Garden till Dr. J Jayalalithaa 's death. The late CM had suffered a massive heart-attack on the 5th of December 2016 which led to her death.   The political leaders, namely TTV Dinakaran, who is apparently the nephew of V K Sasikala was made the deputy general secretary of AIADMK. She had also appointed S Venkatesh to handle the important portfolios of AIADMK. AIADMK stands for All India Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagham. S Venkatesh and TTV Dinakaran were also expelled from the party way back in 2011. The person named TTV Dinakaran had been booked under the FERA Act (Foreign Exchange Reserves Act) when it was found that he had kept a huge amount of black money in his bank account. All the money was kept intact in the form of high-end deposits. This was during the year 1991 to 1996 and the court had filed a complaint against him asking him to pay a penalty sum of Rupees 25 crores for the act committed by him. Sasikala in jail is now trying to rule the affairs of the State by appointing members who were once expelled by Dr. J Jayalalithaa. With the entire Mannargudi Mafia trying to run the state of Tamil Nadu, things have gone hay wire. Sasikala Natarajan Vs Indian Stock Market is a very bad combination as she is involved in amassing quite a lot of properties under various benami names. She has properties worth more than 5000 crores across the entire state of Tamil Nadu. Indian stock prices have also been slashed down on account of series of unforeseen developments in the political scenario of Tamil Nadu. Under Dr. J Jayalalithaa 's leadership, the State of TN was progressing quite well in all areas of development. The late CM 's administration was so good and she was running the state very smoothly. Henceforth, with the emergence of an unstable Govt. advocated by Sasikala Natarajan, the Indian Share markets are struggling badly. Sasikala 's convict in the Disproportionate Assets Case has not come as a shocking surprise to the people of Tamil Nadu as she is known for amassing wealth and properties by fraudulent and manipulative means.Sasikala convicted and it has become a child 's play to run a state as big as and as powerful as Tamil Nadu. Here are a few insider tips on you can get better returns on investment during political instability: a)  Invest your money with Central government schemes. These include post office savings and other Governmental bonds. Investing your money on traditional instruments of investment is always advisable as you are assured of getting your principal money back. You can also receive an optimal rate of interest as Public Sector undertakings run and managed by the Govt. have the responsibility of re-paying investors ' money back.   b)  During a crisis situation of an acute political instability, investing your money in volatile markets like stocks, shares or derivatives is a strict no-no.   c)  Invest your money with foreign mutual fund companies that are really doing well. Blue chip stocks can always keep your investment portfolio well stacked up.   d)  Invest your money in diversified markets. Investing your money in real-estate or gold can assure you of getting your principal money back.   The entire political scenario of Tamil Nadu has been discussed at length. The tips on how you can safeguard your capital money during an acute political crisis or instability can also help investors regain confidence in the emerging markets or economies.  

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