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Factors to Consider when Selecting a Trading Platform in 2021

05 Jan 2023

The amount of individuals who are turning to the markets for high returns and profits is increasing by the minute. Trading doesn’t happen without risks, of course, but there are ways to mitigate these. If you have made the decision that you wish to avail of an online trading platform to trade in shares for a steady profit, you have to know how to choose the appropriate trading platform. This article will aid you to pick out the platform for trading that ideally suits your needs. 

  • Individuals With Different Needs

Profitable trading on a trading platform requires you to use the services of a brokerage that align with your distinctive needs. Mainly, you select a broker based on your investment goals and style of learning. Yes, demat account opening is an important aspect of starting off, and most platforms like reliable Motilal Oswal offer investors a free demat account. Nonetheless, you should do your research well and pick a broker optimized to your aims. For example, if you are a learner trader, you may be interested in educational material and adequate support staff. All platforms don’t offer such resources so you should pay attention to ones that do.

  • Types of Traders and Trades

Depending on the kind of trader you see yourself as, in terms of not only the ‘why’ of trading, but the ‘how’, you have to know how to choose a trading platform. Are you the investor who is confident and knows what they are heading into? Consequently, you may want a platform that makes your trading execution speedy and easy. On the other hand, you could be the type of trader who wishes to have a wider resource field to aid you in identifying the right opportunities. Then again, your choice may be dependent on what securities are your focus. Stocks, ETFs or mutual funds? Think of margin trading. If you need access to conditional order placement, long trading hours and automated trade choices, select platforms accordingly. 

  • Need Help?

The pick of an online trading platform addresses whether you want to go through the route of DIY or whether you are a student of trading. There’s no harm in going it alone with an easy user interface, but for beginners it's not a bad idea to learn chart reading and data of a financial nature. You may be at a mid-level where you want information sources just to further the knowledge you possess. Find out where you stand on the learning curve and pick your platform. Platforms provide broker assistance too, so you may want to avail this service.

  • Final Lines and Investment Aims

How to choose a trading platform is quite dependent on your goals and on your trader personality. If you are a dynamic hands-on kind, you will love volatility and day and swing trades, for instance. Narrowing the field is also a good way to choose your platform. For example, whittling down your brokerage options based on services you want, or services  available, or in terms of assets to trade in, is a perfect narrow-down process. Whatever you do, you must explore the Motilal Oswal platform, a go-to place for novices and experts too. 

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