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Finding the best opportunities in the stock market

It is quite surprising to find that hardly 1 % of the working population invest their money in equities. Savings bank accounts hardly provide you with a 3 % rate of returns per annum. This particular trend amongst young investors has to change. The positive side of the spectrum is that young investors have started investing their disposable funds towards SIP 's. SIP 's or Systematic Investment plans combine an optimal mix of equities and debt.

During the Financial year 2013, the share market released a turnover of approximately around 6800 crore rupees. This is, however, to grow at an exponential rate of 8000 crore rupees in the years to come. There are tremendous growth and scope for investors who wish to try their hand at broking business.

Motilal Oswal, being one of the largest financial services group in India, provides the option of online stock trading franchise to both individuals and small organizations. The legacy of Motilal Oswal has its presence over 500 + cities and 2200+ locations. With more than 1300 + business partners, the firm is helping many achieve success and is helping them grow ''beyond boundaries".

Motilal Oswal has always been on the lookout for ambitious individuals who work hard to build their own business without the need to undergo the hassles that come along with it. As a business partner of Motilal, you get to be a part of a well reputed broking house that provides financial services of thousands of customers.

Why choose Motilal Oswal?

Motilal not only provides big opportunities but also provides their business partners with the needed support. As the company provides the business partner with basic support and training with both technical and fundamental things, the franchisee owner can easily focus on business without worrying about starting things from scratch.

Low Risk Reward Ratio: The risk reward ratio for a small business or an individual is quite less as it is an established business model and a well known brand. This provides your franchisee with a great value in Indian financial markets.  

Timely Seminars: The business development team of Motilal conducts timely seminars to educate the business partners about various prospects available.

UpperMOSt Business Portal: The business portal, UpperMOSt that is used for Motilal helps business partners to monitor how their business is progressing on a real time basis.

Workshops: The company also provides workshops which include trainings on various products of MOSL. These workshops help the franchisee owners to provide the best support to their clients.

Sales Meetings: For any franchisee to perform well, it is important to acquire some big clients.  With the help of sales meetings, the franchisee owners can get needed help from expert advisors to acquire clients and maintain healthy relationships with them.

Reactivation Desk: Every franchisee has some inactive clients. Motilal has a specialized desk with more than 105 + advisors who provide needed assistance to reactive any of the inactive clients, which helps increase the franchisee revenue.

Different Business Models: Motilal Oswal provides four different business models that suit the needs of every individual. The four business models are

The Franchisee - Ideal for Entrepreneurs who have always dreamt to grow big and carry the same passion.
The Employee To Entrepreneur Program - Ideal for individuals who are looking forward to start their own business and be their own boss.

The Remisier - Ideal for Entrepreneurs who wish to start a business without any capital cost and for those who love to work independently.

The Channel Partner - This is ideal for individuals or small business owners who already have existing clients and are looking forward to scale up their business using Motilal 's multi product offering.

If you are one of them who are looking to gain from the big opportunity in stock markets then this is the time to take your big step towards success. The ever growing stock market is providing one and all with an opportunity like never before through broking business. By being a franchisee, you can use the opportunity to set up a reputed and profitable business.

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