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Grab the opportunity to invest in the best performing IPOs

5 Best Upcoming IPOs to Watch Out for in 2024

2024 has been expected to be a profitable year for IPO investors. Investing in IPOs can be tricky, but if you choose a company that has the potential to grow, your investments grow to great extents. So, if you plan to invest in IPOs, stay on top of the market and watch out for IPOs that best match your expectations and financial goals.

Which IPOs will grow in 2024? We have your answers. First, let us get clear on the basics.

What is an IPO?

An Initial Public Offering, or IPO, is the first time a company's stock goes public for investment. Companies usually opt for an IPO to raise capital from public investors, which they can use to pay off debts, fund new projects, or carry out other business activities. You can invest in these newly shared stocks through your brokerage account after consciously analysing the potential of the companies you wish to fund.

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As a shareholder, you can receive dividends, bonus shares, and more based on the company's earnings and management decisions. With IPOs, you can acquire shares of future industry leaders at a competitive price before they establish themselves, making it a profitable investment.

Now that you know what you can expect from IPO investments, here are the 5 best IPOs to invest in 2024.

5 best IPOs to watch out for in 2024

Fabindia Ltd

Fabindia is an Indian lifestyle retail chain specialising in clothing, home decor, furnishings, and various handmade products crafted by artisans in rural India. With a strong sourcing base and a wide market presence, Fabindia is equipped to meet the rising demand for high-quality Indian lifestyle and organic products.

The brand aims to raise Rs 4000 crore through an initial public offer in 2024, which consists of a new share issuance valued at Rs 500 crore. Fabindia, being a trusted brand, shows great growth potential and, hence is a great investment choice for you.

One Mobikwik Systems Ltd

Since 2009, Mobikwik is one of India's leading mobile wallet and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) fintech companies. As of March 2023, it has over 140 million registered users who can make daily payments, including paying bills, shopping online, food deliveries, and much more, in mere minutes.

Mobikwik plans to raise Rs 1900 crore through an IPO. The brand had an early-bird advantage in entering the mobile wallet industry, resulting in a strong brand image and hence shows great signs of growth.

Puranik Builders Ltd

Puranik Builders, one of the most renowned names in the Mumbai and Pune metropolitan regions, is a leading real estate company offering residential and commercial solutions in diverse fields. The company aims at the mid-income housing segment, which covers a large and trusted customer base in Mumbai and Pune.

The company is offering fresh shares worth Rs 510 crores. With its proven track record of successful projects, the growth looks promising.

Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd

Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd is a digital-first bank to achieve financial inclusion for unbanked and underbanked customers, including microentrepreneurs and microenterprises. As of December 2020, 92% of Fincare’s customers resided in rural sectors, and they plan to expand this customer base further.

In 2024, Fincare offered new shares of Rs 330 crore. If we consider advances, Fincare has been the highest-growing small finance bank from FY18 to FY20, making it a potential investment option.

Sahajanand Medical Technologies Ltd

Sahajanand Medical Tech is a leading medical device company specialising in the research, development, manufacturing, and global marketing of vascular devices that directly operates in 10 countries and has a distributor presence in 59 other countries worldwide. In FY21, they also dominated the Indian drug-eluting stent market with a 31% share.

Sahajanand is planning to issue fresh shares worth Rs 410.33 crore. They operate in a high-barrier market with highly advanced products, ensuring future profits and safe investments.


In a rapidly growing economy, IPOs offer you a great opportunity to create long-term investment plans and achieve your wealth creation goals. By choosing the right IPO to invest in, your investments grow with the company and further escalate your profits. All you need is thorough research on market behaviours, the risks involved, and companies that fit best with your expectations, and you are all set on your secured financial journey.


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