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How can i get my lost voter ID card ?

My voter ID is the window to achieving success in the completion of many important processes, such as getting a new passport, driving licence and even opening a bank account. We all dread losing our important documents like PAN card, passport or even our Voter ID card. Did you know that the issue with losing these cards is not the costs involved (that is hardly anything)? The real issue is the time and effort as well as the verification involved in getting a new card issued in your name. If you are wondering how I can get my lost voter id card online or how to get a duplicate voter card online, then this is just the place for you to read on. 

My Voter ID Card is Vital

It needs no reiteration that the voter ID card is one of the most important documents issued by the government to its citizens. Any ID card that facilitates the validity of your identification can be used in a number of places as proof. This is especially the case as it is issued by the Government of India itself. Furthermore, and most crucially, permits the holder of the card to participate and vote in elections at the regional, assembly as well as national level, allowing you to vote meaningfully in the constitution of your next government; be it at the municipal level, state level or the national level. 

Once your voter ID card has been issued, you can use the same card throughout your lifetime to participate in all the elections. The use of a Voter ID is widespread, and as mentioned before, it acts as your confirmed and absolute identification proof, even in the absence of other identification documents. For instance, some Indians may not hold a valid passport or driving licence, but a Voter ID. This is when it helps to prove your identity, and it is accepted as such by all official corporations and other applicable institutions. But, what do you do if the card is lost? In the event the card is lost, misplaced or is unusable due to being torn or mutilated, you can apply for a duplicate card but you must only go through the CEC (Chief Election Commission)  office.


Why do you need to apply for a duplicate voter id card?

Your Voter ID card proves your identity, not just by having your photograph affixed, but also by providing you a unique voter ID no. This is different for every Indian citizen who is permitted to vote in the country. Hence, this is an important document, and in case of any damage or loss, you need to get a new one at the earliest. There are various reasons you may require a duplicate voter id. Thankfully, applying for a duplicate voter ID card is now a quick and convenient process. Applicants can apply for a duplicate voter’s ID card in any of the following situations:

Theft of card - If your Voter ID card is stolen, first you must file an FIR. then you can go ahead and apply for it online or offline, and you will get a replacement. It is important to note that if you are sure of your Voter ID card being stolen, you must report the same in your FIR, along with details of the theft. You must also submit an FIR copy with your application for a new card, either offline or online. 

Card misplaced or stolen/Lost Voter ID card - If you yourself have misplaced the card, you still have to report that it was misplaced. Although your Voter ID card cannot be misused in any way, you must report the loss of the same as this is the official protocol when your card is lost. You can then apply for a new one through an online or offline mode. 

If the card is unusable due to wear and tear - In case your card is worn out, and especially if your important details mentioned on the card cannot be viewed clearly, you need to apply for a new card urgently. You never know when you may need it, even though an impending election may not be on the horizon. 

There are some changes in status in the data - In the event you wish to alter some information that is relevant to your Voter ID card, you must get a new one with the modified data. When a Voter ID card is in valid use, it must have all the pertinent information about the user on the card, and this must be up to date. For instance, your photograph may be an old one and your appearance may have changed somewhat. In such a circumstance, you must have your latest photograph affixed and get a new card reflecting the same. Your Voter ID no will not change, just the details that need to be altered/modified. 

To get a new Voter ID card, the applicant will have to submit an application form along with supporting documents to the Electoral Officer, who will issue the card after verifying the information. Again, here it is the job of the officer in charge to verify that it is a genuine request. However, the onus is on you to give full and proper information to the officer, so that verification can be expedited quickly and effectively. 


Step by step procedure to obtain a duplicate voter ID card

There are some basic steps you need to take if you have lost your voter id card and want to get a duplicate copy. Here are the detailed steps if you are applying for a duplicate voter id offline:

Visit the electoral office nearest to your place of residence and collect a copy of Form EPIC-002, which is the application form for duplicate voter ID card.

Fill in the form with the relevant details such as name, address, voter ID card etc.

Attach all the required supporting documents and submit the form at the electoral office.

On submission, you will receive a reference number that you can use to track the status of your application.

Your application will be verified by the Electoral Officer and on successful verification you will be issued with a duplicate voter’s ID card.

You will be notified regarding your application being processed and can collect your card in person from the electoral office.

Having understood the offline process for getting a duplicate voter id, let us also look at an alternate online process to apply for duplicate Voter ID Card


How to Get a Voter ID Online?

Applying for a duplicate voter ID card used to be a very long and elaborate process in the past.  You actually had to make multiple trips to the local electoral office to collect a form, submit it and track your application. However, in the last few years, the Election Commission of India has already introduced an online application process for duplicate voter ID cards across all states and union territories. Now, you can apply for a duplicate card from the comfort of your home and complete all the formalities without having to visit the electoral office each time. Here is the detailed process for getting duplicate voter id online.

Download a copy of Form EPIC-002 which is the application form for issue of a duplicate voter ID card from your state’s Chief Electoral Officer's website

Fill in the form and attach all the required documents as mentioned in the form such as FIR copy, proof of address, and proof of identity

Submit the form to your local electoral office, whereupon you will be issued a reference number.


How to Check My Voter ID?

You can track your application status on the state election office website using this number.

Once you have submitted your form, it will be processed and verified by the electoral office

After successful verification, you will be notified and can go to the electoral office and collect your duplicate voter ID.


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