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How Robo Wealth can be your anytime, anywhere wealth advisor

Imagine that you are browsing the news on your mobile phone in the early hours and you come across the news that the US Federal Reserve has decided to hike the Fed rates by 50 basis points (0.50%). That is worse than the market was expecting and you are dead certain that this could have a negative impact on equities and equity mutual funds. But the problem is that you do not exactly know how this will impact your portfolio. It is very likely that your entire portfolio holding details are filed in your cupboard and there is no way you can access them as you are currently 6000 miles away at a beach resort in Bali.
Alternatively, you want to talk to your advisor and gauge the implications of the Fed rate hike. However, Bali being 2½ hours ahead of India, you are feeling a little delicate about disturbing your advisor at odd hours. The answers to both these problems could be a Robo Wealth Platform. That is because the Robo Wealth Platform is an "Anytime / Anywhere" platform. It is agnostic to where you are and what time it is. As long as you have an internet connection (which is almost like a basic necessity today in most parts of the world) you can actually access your Robo Wealth platform from anywhere in the world, in any time-zone and any point during the day.

What is "Anytime Robo Wealth" all about?
As the name suggests, Anytime access is agnostic to the time zone and the specific time of the day and therefore it virtually becomes a 24-7 solution for you. You do not have to feel touchy about calling your advisor at odd times or even worry about whether the advisor will be informed enough to educate you on the implications. So what exactly does the "Anytime" feature actually imply?

You are not constrained by time zones. If there has been a rate hike by the US Fed, you can just log into your Robo Wealth platform and simulate the implications of the move on your portfolio. The portfolio simulator will help you evaluate the impact of the event on the value of your portfolio.

You are not constrained by market timings. While the Robo Wealth platform helps you to take critical decisions pertaining to your portfolio, it has nothing to do with the market timings. You can simulate at any time of the day and get your portfolio populated with the most updated advice.

Robo Wealth makes the customer the subject and the centrepiece of the entire advisory process. The customer does not have to seek appointments, seek portfolio reviews or get across to the advisor. The online platform helps the customer to manage the entire activity at their own leisure at the time of their choice and preference.

What is "Anywhere Robo Wealth" all about?
Just as the Anytime advantage is time agnostic the Anywhere advantage is location agnostic. There is really no need to be close to your files or close to the advisor’s office for you to be able to access your financial plan and make changes accordingly. Here is what it entails..

You are not constrained by your location. Irrespective of whether you are in your city, outside your city or even outside the country, you can access your Robo Wealth platform with you PC, laptop or smart phone. This gives you round the clock and around the world access to your financial balance sheet.

The flexibility of the Robo Wealth platform becomes all the more pronounced when you have to rush between meetings and appointments on a busy day. The Robo Wealth platform is compatible with mobile devices like smart phones, notepads etc. Hence you can access your financial statement even in the short gaps and make the best of your spare time. That is great flexibility for you.

Finally, the Robo Wealth platform converts your laptop or your mobile phone into your virtual anywhere office and your financial advisor rolled into one. Just imagine this scenario! You can access your documents, check the progress of your plan, simulate the impact of events, restructure your portfolio and also execute a transaction using your mobile app or your laptop. It is as simple as that!

The crux of the matter is that the Robo Advisory platform actually makes your entire personal financial balance sheet accessible and operable from anywhere and at any point of time. What is more; you can actually carry your entire advisory team, your advisor, your research library and your execution engine in a small pouch. That is how simple it makes things!

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