How to Calculate Gratuity for Government Employee

How to Calculate Gratuity for Government Employee


Gratuity is a financial benefit employers give to employees about to retire and exit the organization. It is a sum of money that also doubles as a retirement benefit. It commemorates employees on their dedication to the employer and showcases gratitude. It is available to employees who have completed at least five years of work at an organization. Moreover, the employee has to work consistently under the same employer and not have any alternate employer apart from their primary organization. The rules of gratuity eligibility and their calculation depend on the Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972. They are similar for central, state, and private employees, with only minor differences. If you are a central government employee, this article can help you calculate gratuity. 

Calculation of gratuity for central govt employees

There are two categories of employees for the purpose of calculation of gratuity for central govt employees. These include employees covered and not covered under the Payment of Gratuity Act, of 1972. The types of employees covered under the Act include those working in central govt, such as:   

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  • Ministries
  • Departments
  • Public sector undertakings 
  • Statutory corporations
  • Educational institutions
  • Universities, schools, colleges, research institutions  

The types of employees not covered under the Act include:   

  • Central govt employees are covered under separate statutes like members of the All India Services
  • Members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) 
  • Those working for the central govt owned companies but having their own separate gratuity rules or schemes 

Depending on the category, there is only a slight difference in the formulas for the calculation.  

The formula for the calculation of gratuity for central govt employees covered under the Act:

Gratuity (G) = n x b x 15/ 26 

Here, n = the number of years the employee worked in the organization 

b = previous month's salary + dearness allowance (an additional sum to offset inflation

15 = calculation of wages at the rate of 15 days 

26 = number of working days in a month 

The formula for the calculation of gratuity for central govt employees not covered under the Act:

Gratuity (G) = n x b x 15/ 30 

The only difference is that the number of working days under this formula is 30.  

Example for the calculation of gratuity for central govt employees 

Here is an example to understand how the formula works: 

If an employee earns Rs. 1 lakh every month and has worked at a company for seven years, here is how their gratuity calculation would look like – 

G = 1,00,000 x 7 x 15/ 26 = 4,03,000 

Also, to simplify the calculation, if an employee completes only 6 months of a year under their employer, the period would be rounded off to 1 year. If they complete anything less than 6 months, then the benefit of rounding off would not apply. 

Steps to using a gratuity calculator 

You can use the gratuity formula manually or a gratuity calculator to calculate the amount of gratuity receivable. Using the gratuity calculator eliminates the margin for manual errors and can get you a more accurate response. Moreover, it is free to use and gives instant results. The calculator would use the formula depending on the category you pick. All you have to do is enter two major details: 

  • Last drawn basic monthly salary (including any dearness allowance) 
  • Number of years completed in service with the employer 

Additional factors that influence gratuity received by central govt employees 

There are a few additional rules around the payment of gratuity. These include: 

  • A legal heir of an employee can receive gratuity on behalf of them if the employee passes away or becomes disabled due to an accident or illness.  
  • Central govt employees cannot receive more than Rs. 20 lakhs in gratuity. The cap on the gratuity was increased from Rs. 10 to 20 lakhs after the government laid the rules of the 7th central pay commission. 
  • There are no tax cuts on gratuity for central govt employees. The amount received is fully exempt from tax deductions. However, the cap of Rs. 20 lakhs remains. 

To conclude 

The calculation of gratuity for central govt employees becomes simpler once you know how the formula works. To make things easier, you can also use a gratuity calculator. You can also take the advice of a certified financial professional to aid you through the process. The financial advisors at Motilal Oswal are gladly here to assist you.


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