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How to Download Transaction Cum Holding (SOT and SOH) Statement


As an investor, you must understand the importance of tracking your investments and maintaining accurate financial records. One essential aspect of this process is accessing your transaction cum holding statements. These statements help to ensure that you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Here, you will provide get a comprehensive guide on how to download these statements hassle-free via CDSL Easi. 

What are Transaction Cum Holding (SOT and SOH) Statements?

Transaction cum holding statements, often referred to as SOT (Statement of Transactions) and SOH (Statement of Holdings), play a vital role in evaluating your investment performance. These statements provide a detailed overview of your transactions and holdings, helping you track the progress of your portfolio.

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What are the benefits of downloading transaction cum holding statements?

There are several benefits to downloading your transaction cum holding statements:

  • Easy access to detailed transaction history

These statements record all your investment transactions, including buys, sells, and dividends received. This information helps understand the timing and impact of various investment decisions.

  • Tracking portfolio growth and diversification 

By reviewing these statements regularly, you can analyse the growth of your portfolio over time. Additionally, they provide insights into the diversification of your investments. Thereby, allowing you to assess whether your holdings align with your investment strategy.

  • Simplifying Tax Calculations and Filing

Transaction cum holding statements are invaluable during tax season. They provide a consolidated view of your investment-related income, making it easier to calculate capital gains, dividends, and other tax-related information. These statements serve as supporting documents for accurate tax filings.

How to download your transaction cum holding statements? 

If you are trading in the Indian Stock Market, you can download your transaction cum holding statement from CDSL Easi. All the account types, including individual, joint, NRI, and non-individual accounts, can do it seamlessly following these steps:

  1. Visit web.cdslindia.com/myeasinew/Home/Login.
  2. Login using your credentials. 
  3. Click on 'Transaction', and then 'Transaction cum Holding Statement'.
  4. Select 'History Report' next to Report Type. 
  5. Now enter the desired date range.
  6. Click on 'Submit'.
  7. You will now see a table with all the statements. 
  8. Click on 'Download' to save the statement directly to your device.
  9. Alternatively, you can also click on 'Email' to have the statement sent to your registered email ID.

Are there any tips to follow while downloading these statements?

To ensure a seamless experience and accurate information, keep the following tips and considerations in mind:

  • Protect your account credentials and log in securely to safeguard your financial information.
  • Double-check the accuracy of the downloaded statement, ensuring that all transactions and holdings are correctly reflected.
  • Safely store the downloaded statements for future reference, keeping them organised and easily accessible when needed.

How can I maximise the benefits from transaction cum holding statements?

Make the most of your transaction cum holding statement with these handy tips:

  • Regularly download and review your statement to stay up to date with your investment activities.
  • Keep multiple copies of the statement for backup and reference purposes.
  • Cross-check the statement with your own records to ensure accuracy.


Downloading your transaction cum holding statement from CDSL Easi is a breeze with this comprehensive guide. Empower yourself with this valuable financial tool and take complete control of your investments. It's never been easier to stay organised and informed regarding your investments. These statements are accessible to all account holders.


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