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How to Link Aadhaar Card with LPG?

In case you are availing the government LPG connection then you must also get your LPG connection mapped to your Aadhar card. In fact, Aadhar card link with LPG is a must if you need to get your quota of subsidized gas cylinders per year. Here is how to link Aadhar card with LPG gas connection online. It is not just about what is statutorily required. It is also about being eligible for the concessional and subsidized availability of the LPG cylinders. That is only possible if your LPG connection is mapped to the Aadhar card. Linking of Aadhaar with LPG connection is necessary for receiving the benefit of LPG subsidy. You can link your Aadhar card to LPG connection either online or offline.


How to link Aadhaar to LPG connection via online mode


You need to follow the below mentioned steps to link Aadhaar to LPG gas connection via the internet connection.

Visit website https://rasf.uidai.gov.in/ and use the easy navigation tools to reach the page. Here you are required to enter some basic information pertaining to your connection.

Now you have to select the type of benefit that you are mapping. Select the Benefit Type as “LPG” since you want to link your Aadhaar Card to LPG connection. Then you will have to mention the specific Scheme Name according to your LPG connection, for example. Connections are principally from BPCL, HPCL and Indian Oil.

Next you need to select the distributor name from the given list and enter your LPG consumer number. You distributor details and your consumer number will be available in your last bill.

In the next step, you are required to enter your mobile number, email address and Aadhaar number before clicking the “Submit” button. Once you click submit, you will receive a one-time-password (OTP) on your registered mobile number and email ID which needs to be entered and submitted to complete the process.

Post the successful registration of your request, the details provided will be verified by the officers. Once verified, the notification will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID. This completes your mapping process and once linking is done the entire process of quota allocations and also the subsidy credit is totally automatic.

You can also submit application for linking to your distributor
You can also link Aadhar to LPG by submitting the application to the distributor through whom you have got the connection. The following are the key steps.

Subsidy application form can be downloaded from the respective websites of Bharat Gas, HP Gas, Indane or other LPG provider. After taking a print of the form, enter all the requisite details.

Once the form is filled up, you can visit the nearest LPG distributor office and submit your duly filled application form.

Once the form is submitted, you can link your Aadhaar with LPG connection by using the call centre number at 18000-2333-555 and following the instructions provided by the operator.

Finally, it is also possible to link Aadhaar to LPG via post. All that you need to do is to download the required form from an official website and fill it in before submitting it along with the required enclosures to the address provided in the form. You can opt for the method that you are the most comfortable with.


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