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How to Plan Your Trades in the Forex Trading Market

You may be surprised to know that several forex traders work according to a dedicated forex trading plan. The idea is not just to have a plan in order, but to follow the plan you make consistently. Trading in forex or foreign exchange has to do with maintaining a disciplined approach. If you can do this, you will survive the forex markets year in and year out, making good returns as you do so. 

Importance of a Trading Plan

You may think that the first thing you have to do is open a Demat account online to trade in forex. In forex trading, you don’t need a Demat account as you are trading in currency, so this may not have to be electronically stored as stocks do. Currency is generally stored in your bank account which may be linked to your trading account with a broker. Most traders in the forex markets work on a plan that starts at the back and moves its way forward. This is a way to figure out what your plan will look like. The first thing to do is to base your plan on objective methods like analysis of currencies. Furthermore, there is no room for emotions in trading, whether you are doing so in currency markets or share markets. 

Building a Trading Plan for Trading in Forex

As you well know, the currency markets are open all of twenty-four hours in a day, but no trader is involved in trading for that long. Trading around-the-clock can give traders a world of benefits as trading can take place during a regular business day, after work is done, or even in the middle of the night. This lets traders make the most of opportunities and they can hold currencies till they go up and make trades. Another advantage of the forex markets is that forex is the most liquid of all assets. These are things you should know while making an effective plan for trading. 

Knowledge is the Key

There are certain aspects of forex trading that you should have knowledge about to make your trades efficient and organised. These are some considerations you should have while trading:

  • At specific times, ‘price action’ is quite volatile, and at other periods, it tends to be muted. These periods may follow a pattern while you are making trades on a consistent basis, and it helps you to know when you should enter the markets and exit them. 
  • You should know that forex trading is conducted in currency pairs, and various currency pairs display a range of activity through any given trading period. Just because forex is traded over a 24 - hour period, this does not mean that you can enter the market at any time and hope to profit from it. Rather, you should study the behaviour of certain currency pairs and then take a well-planned decision. 
  • Trades that take place while trading in forex, do so in a duration of three main sessions. Experienced traders target one of these for trading in currencies. You can gauge what type of activity in the market takes place during a particular session and then plan your trading in a decisive way. 
  • Why traders focus on the three primary sessions is because the peak of trading takes place during these periods - these are the sessions governed by the European, North American and Asian currency markets, and are represented by London, New York and Tokyo, respectively. 
  • Due to sessions working on different clocks, there will be sessions that overlap, and these periods are the most volatile for currency trading

Know the Ins and Outs

Knowing about the ‘ins and outs’ of forex trading can make you a better-planned trader and you can get loads of information at Motilal Oswal, a broker that is among India’s leaders in financial investment today. Furthermore, you may visit the brokerage online and find different ways to allocate your wealth to earn more if you open a free Demat account and get your investing moving. 

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