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ICICI IPO - A View at Performance

In this particular financial segment, we are going to have a detailed overview on how ICICI Prudential IPO had kick started in the financial markets. We are also going to probe on the deeper aspects including the performance of the IPO program. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. IPO also denotes the fact that the private sector company is planning to diversify itself by going public; and it is going to issue stocks, shares and derivatives to the public, towards raising money for its range of initiatives. Over-view of ICICI Prudential In the year 2001, there was a joint venture agreement between ICICI Bank Ltd and Prudential Corporation Holdings Ltd. ICICI Prudential Private Ltd. is the largest private insurer in India, which is Mumbai based. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance offers a range of: a)  Life Insurance b)  Health Insurance and c)  Pension products/ services to customers across the nation. ICICI Prudential offers its range of products through multiple channels and these networks include: 1)  Chain of ICICI banks and branches 2)  Individual agents 3)  Corporate agents 4)  Employees 5)  Offices and 6)  Website You would now have a fair idea on how ICICI Prudential IPO is the biggest IPO. Market Share of the ICICI IPO ICICI Prudential has a weighted market share of 11.3 % in India. When you take an overall performance of 23 Private sector life insurance companies in India, ICICI Prudential enjoys a lions ' share of 21.9 % on a weighted average basis. We are now going to have a look at some of the key highlights of IPO as on 31st March 2016   ICICI bank owns 68 % of the company and sells 12.65 % stocks via the IPO. At the upper band of the spectrum, the IPO is proposed to raise capital worth 6000 Crore. Britain also owns 26 % of the stakes via its Prudential PLC wing; but it doesn 't raise money through this IPO. There are more than 4500 branches and these are mainly operated via bank partners. The company has appointed more than 121,016 individuals to promote its chain of products and services. The gross premium income of ICICI Prudential is estimated at Rupees. 191.64 Million. ICICI Prudential has assets worth 1.04 trillion, making the company one of the largest fund managers in India. You now have a fair idea on how the company is performing as an IPO. These are some of the strengths of ICICI Prudential IPO. As you must be wondering how the company is performing so well in the market.   The company aims at delivering superior customer value The PLC has diversified channels by which it distributes its insurance products and services It leverages technology in an effective manner ICICI Prudential has been consistent in promoting a strong brand power for itself The company provides a robust and sustainable business model. This can be emulated by independent insurance agents in order to get successful leads and make money. You can find an experience senior management team, which sits with its employees and motivates them to perform better. Main objectives of the ICICI IPO issue are as follows:   To list its equity shares on the Stock Exchanges and thereby achieve benefits both for the insurance company as well as consumers. To carry out a sales turnover of 181, 341, 058 equity shares among share holders You now have a fair understanding as to how ICICI Prudential emerged as the largest IPO in India. We now move on to give you some interesting tips on how you can emerge as a successful independent seller at the ICICI Prudential IPO   Never force the product on your customer. List out the benefits, the return on investment and earnings a customer can make, by taking up an insurance policy. Create awareness among your prospect customers of thinking in advance. You can purchase gold jewellery for your wedding else pay up towards unprecedented hospitalization expenses of your near or dear ones. Make your demo sessions crystal clear. Mention the exact purpose as to why you are here to present a demo. Showcase your products using easy to understand Power point presentations. Avoid using technical terms and industry related jargons, while explaining each policy to the prospect customer. And maintain an eye to eye contact with the customer. You should sound confident while you are explaining your company 's product. Remember you are the brand ambassador of prudential wing. We have now seen tips and techniques on how to emerge successful at the prudential market, the company 's strengths, and IPO results.

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