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Investing the Right Way with MO Investor

The Indian Stock Market is steadily climbing up the bull hill, thanks to the new-age tech companies and made-in-India unicorns coming out with their initial public offerings (IPOs). In July 2021, major IPOs raised around Rs 21240 Crores in the market, boosting investors’ belief in India’s growth backed by several technologically innovative companies. Given the investors have qualified and quantified knowledge on how to invest and where to invest, the chances of adding value to the investment is always high. But what creates chaos amid all these great opportunities, is the channel of knowledge.

An investor has to be constantly updated about what’s going in and around the market. In this way, s/he can make better decisions to make better investments. Digitalisation has made life simpler, but it hasn’t exactly made investing easier. Investment in terms of Warren Buffett is “Not putting all eggs in the same basket!”. Simply put - investment has to be measured with risk, performance, productivity and longevity. These factors impact the value of the investment, thus providing investors with a clearer vision. Since a novice or an early learner cannot learn these things in a day or two, he/her must have a guide.

A guide can be anyone - from a person to a mobile application to an institution. Given the evident importance of mobile phones in today’s culture, an investor’s common source of knowledge and ideas is the mobile phone. This is why Motilal Oswal designed the stock market investment app - MO Investor, exclusively for investors. The app is everything that an investor needs. With special focus given to personalized investment options, the app provides individuals with customized investment ideas for stocks, mutual funds, wealth creation and other vital schemes of adding value to wealth.

The first and foremost option that comes to mind when we say investment is - Equities. Investment in equities for a long time was considered a risky investment. This was due to the lack of research and no directive measures to study the equities to their full potential. But with MO Investor, the stress can be kept at bay. The app comes with highly supportive data produced in the form of research reports that help investors learn the fundamentals of companies before investing. These research reports are curated by experts of the field, who analyse the company and its valuation without bias emotions. Nonetheless, these reports are open to access for FREE to all investors who have signed up with Motilal Oswal!

Next in the list of features comes the wide range of product availability. As recalled previously, investing in Buffett's terms is diversifying options for better returns. Risk is evident, whether in life or an investment, but it is better to have a diversified portfolio that calls for lesser risk than investing everything in one place and increases the risk appetite without caution. To help investors pick the right type of investment - MO Investor comes with the ‘Suggest Me’ tool which is an AI-empowered investment strategy creating tool, suggesting investments to individuals based on their desired output, maximum investment, and risk appetite. Investing with AI becomes a good option for two good reasons. First is that it erases the scope for biased emotions, and secondly, it tackles investments superiorly with 24 by 7 surveillance. This feature has rated MO Investor as the best investment app available in India at present.

Coming to the third feature, the app also allows investors to invest in Intelligent Advisory Portfolios (IAPs). IAPs are intellectually segregated investment portfolios. These portfolio schemes are similar to Portfolio Management Schemes but made available with a shorter ticket size, to allow ordinary individuals to participate in the market rally. IAPs are developed by blending expert minds and advanced future technology which help investors make good investment choices. IAP funds are segregated based on market capitalization, one-year stock return, and industry. Although the funds are automatically transacted reviewing the market trends, the scheme provides acute power of discretion to keep investors aware of their portfolio performance.

While there is no limit to investing options with MO Investor, individuals who seek easier investment options with minimum capital can opt for Stock SIP and/or investing in digital gold. Whatever is the desire, whatever is the capital, MO Investor has room for all. All features combine to make MO Investor the best stock market app available for FREE installation.

Explore the limitless possibilities of investing in the stock market with Motilal Oswal.

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