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Key Benefits of Using Share Market App

29 Nov 2023

Online trading is becoming increasingly popular day by day. Online trading essentially facilitates buying and selling of stock, bonds, options and other such financial products on an online platform such as an App or website.  The increased accessibility has opened up trading opportunities for people without them leaving the comfort of their home. As every investor has their distinct goals, strategies and needs, it’s useful to have a livestock market app for ios or android which can help you figure out which investment is the right fit for you.

Motilal Oswal’s MO Investor is one such example; it is a livestock market app for ios that helps investors manage their investments, gain more knowledge of the market and curate their portfolios. Let us look at some of the key benefits of online trading and using a live stock market app for ios.

Benefits of using a live-stock market app for ios or android:

1. Convenience and speedy transactions:

Online banking allows for fast and efficient transactions, making it possible to buy and sell stocks quickly with a single tap on the screen. With many financial institutions setting up digital transfer facilities, smartphones and apps have simplified the exchange of funds and made it accessible to anyone, anywhere. Using a live share market app for ios such as the MO Investor app or its counterpart for advanced traders, the MO Trader app has made online trading hassle-free.

2. Cost-efficiency:

Compared to traditional stockbroker fees, the broker fees involved in online trading are lower and also negotiable, depending on the volume of the investor’s stocks. Additionally, the Stock Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) method is also a feature on apps like the MO Investor app. With this feature, you can enjoy the benefits of compounding on smaller investments. Moreover, you can utilise rupee cost averaging to your benefit and guard your portfolio against short-term market fluctuations.

3. Easy to use interface and smart tracking feature:

Online trading makes it easy to monitor your investments, profit and loss at your convenience at any time. For instance, the MO Investor app is equipped with the 3 click mutual fund SIP feature that displays a detailed update of your SIPs. You can also access reports that can help you track which schemes are performing well, alongside reviews and rankings from experts. With intelligent auto-filled SIP forms, investing has never been easier. As for price movement, you can set price alert notifications with the help of stock price alert app for ios . The same example can be used for a stock watch app for ios as the MO Trader app comes with the ‘global search bar tool’ with which you can create your own watch list and get real-time updates.

4. Streamlined portfolio management:

The MO Investor app offers the ‘Suggest me’ tool that provides well-researched recommendations for your investment needs, with the help of AI. You can personally create your portfolio by choosing from a range of schemes and curate it based on your strategy and preferences with the help of the app.

5. Eliminates the middleman:

Online trading allows investors and traders alike to review their options themselves rather than fully depending on a broker, thus reducing the overall cost of trading and giving you more control over your decisions and speeding up the process.

6. In-depth knowledge of one’s investments:

Features such as ‘Edumo’ in the MO Investor app and access to market news in the MO Trader app equip you with the know-how and confidence to participate in online trading. Developing a deeper understanding of the market and your investments undoubtedly adds to your experience and success in online trading.


Motilal Oswal's MO Investor and MO Trader apps provide several unique features such as real-time trading reports, technical market screeners, options matrix in one screen, enhanced get quote facility, portfolio restructuring tool and so on. Online trading with a live share market app can arm you with the necessary knowledge and tools to make the best of the opportunities in the market.


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