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Lessons experienced investors wished they knew sooner

There is no doubt that novices who may be just a few years into investing may have some regrets about decisions taken regarding investments. However, these are beginners and it is understandable that mistakes are made and lessons learned from them. Furthermore, even experienced investors have looked back with pangs of regret, wishing they had learned some investment lessons sooner, with the potential to earn more wealth. 

  • Investment Lessons

No shortage of extraordinary events have dotted the horizon over the past few years. One of these has to be the emergence of new traders and investors. In 2021, investment deals in India hit an all-time high worth $77 billion, across an amount of 1,266 deals. The bulk of new investors just started investing in 2020, and popular apps like the MO Investor app, have only encouraged this. Moreover, online investment is catching on so fast, everyone is jumping on the investment bandwagon, from students to experienced investors. If you are a new investor, you may want to learn some lessons from the experts, those that they themselves wished they had known about before. 

  • Early Learning

With online investment, more investors have been making use of apps that can be navigated conveniently. Reports from the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) show that Demat accounts grew by 14.1 million in FY 2021. By the start of 2022, the number of Demat accounts further increased by 7 million or so. With so many investors, most young, there’s a lot to learn from experienced analysts in the field who wished they had learned lessons sooner than later. The main thing to do, experts believe, is to pay attention to small things, like starting investment journeys early, instead of waiting for salary hikes. 

Lessons to Learn

Investment lessons that experienced investors wished they had learned sooner are among the following: 

  • Invest Early - Experienced investors, with a load of wishful thinking, will tell you that most of them had wished they had started investing in their 20s. Many start a decade later, after successfully graduating and starting careers. Of course, earlier generations lacked the opportunities that the youth have now, but investments could have been made. The earlier you start, the more returns you accumulate. 
  • Market Concerns are Not a Worry - Since online investment has become easy, you have the advantage of monitoring your investments in real time. However, experts say you shouldn’t keep at this, as market downturns may influence you to pull out quickly. With online investment, transactions are easy, but you shouldn’t pull back at the first sign of a downturn. Instead, analysts say you should hold on for the long term. 
  • Distinctive Investment - Each investor is distinctive and through the MO Investor app, you can have investments tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. You should realise that every investor is different, and not follow the herd. 
  • The Advantage of Custom-made Investments

Other takeaways from experts in the investment arena are the fact that you should diversify your portfolio early, and not wait, and assess your financial goals instead of making blind investments. Motilal Oswal not only helps you make investment decisions easily.

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