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Mastering Market Dynamics with the Williams R Indicator

18 Oct 2023

In the fast-paced world of trading, having access to practical technical analysis tools is crucial for making informed decisions. Williams% R indicator, created by well-known trader and author Larry Williams, offers information about overbought and oversold market circumstances. 

What Is the Williams% R Indicator?

The momentum oscillator Williams% R, often known as "% R" or "W% R," is a tool used in technical analysis to spot possible market reversal points. It can be used to trade stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, among other trading instruments. 

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How Does the Williams% R Indicator Work?

The Williams% R indicator is calculated using the following formula based on the idea of gauging momentum:

% R is calculated as (Highest High-Close) / (Highest High-Lowest Low) * -100.

The essential elements of this formula are broken down as follows:

  • Highest High: This phrase refers to the highest price realized over a given time frame, typically 14 but adjustable.
  • The lowest Low: This is the price that was paid when it was the lowest.
  • Close: The asset's closing price after the given time frame.

A percentage range is then produced by multiplying the resulting value by -100. Typically, the Williams% R indicator ranges from -100 to 0, with values above -20 signifying overbought conditions and below -80 indicating oversold ones.

Critical Interpretations of the Williams% R Indicator:

  • Overbought Conditions: The asset is overbought when the Williams% R indicator rises over -20, signaling the possibility of a reversal or downturn. At this moment, traders might think about shorting or selling the asset.
  • Oversold Conditions: When the indicator dips below -80, it signals that the asset is oversold and may be an excellent time to buy. 
  • Divergence: The difference between the asset's price and the Williams% R indicator can reveal important information. When the indicator and price both hit higher lows, this is known as a bullish divergence, which signals the possibility of a positive reversal. 

Williams% R Indicator in Your Trading Strategy

Here is how to use the Williams% R indicator in your trading plan:

  • Conjunction: While the Williams% R indicator is effective, it is more accurate when used with other technical indicators, such as moving averages or trend lines.
  • Timeframe: Change the indicator's period to suit your trading preferences. Long-term investors might select more extended periods (like 20 or 50). Short-term traders might utilize a shorter timeframe (like 5 or 10 periods).


For traders and investors looking to spot potential market reversal moments, the Williams% R indicator is an addition to their toolset. Traders can choose when to enter or leave positions with more knowledge of overbought and oversold conditions.


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