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Maximize your returns on the MO Trader App using these strategies

12 Jun 2023

Thanks to new-age software businesses and made-in-India startups launching initial public offerings, the Indian stock market is slowly moving up the bull hill. Major IPOs generated roughly Rs 21,240 crores in the market in July 2021, strengthening investors' confidence in India's development, which is fueled by a number of technologically advanced enterprises. The prospects of adding value to an investment are always great when investors have qualified and quantitative knowledge about how to invest and where to invest. But, in the midst of all this fantastic potential, the channel of information generates havoc.

An investor must be informed on what is happening in and around the market at all times. He will be able to make better judgments and investments as a result of this. While digitalisation has made living easier, it hasn't made investing any easier. "Not placing all your eggs in the same basket!" Warren Buffett says about investing. Simply said, risk, performance, productivity, and lifespan must all be considered when making an investment. These elements have an influence on the investment's value, giving investors a better picture. Because a beginner or early student cannot acquire these things in a day or two, he or she will need the assistance of a guide.

A guide may be anybody, from a single person to a smartphone app to a corporation. Given the obvious relevance of mobile phones in today's society, a mobile phone is an investor's most frequent source of information and ideas. This is why Motilal Oswal created MO Investor, a stock market investing software built just for investors. The app has everything a potential investor needs. The app offers consumers with tailored investment ideas for stocks, mutual funds, wealth development, and other essential methods of adding value to money, with a specific emphasis on individualized investment possibilities.

When we think about investing, the first thing that comes to mind is equities. For a long time, investing in shares was seen to be a dangerous proposition. This was owing to a lack of investigation and no mandated steps to fully investigate the equities. The tension, on the other hand, may be kept at bay with MO Investor. The app includes a wealth of data in the form of research papers that assist investors understand a company's fundamentals before investing. These research papers are compiled by industry specialists who examine the firm and its worth objectively. Nonetheless, all investors who have joined up with Motilal Oswal get free access to these reports!

The large variety of product availability is next on the list of benefits. As previously stated, Buffett defines investing as "diversifying possibilities for higher returns." Risk is inevitable in life and in investments, but it is preferable to have a diversified portfolio with lower risk than to invest everything in one place and grow risk appetite without care. To assist investors in selecting the appropriate investment, MO Investor offers the 'Suggest Me' tool, which is an AI-powered investment plan generator that recommends assets to people based on their desired output, maximum investment, and risk appetite. For two reasons, investing in AI has become a viable choice. The first is that it eliminates the possibility of skewed emotions, and the second is that it effectively manages investments with round-the-clock monitoring. MO Investor has been ranked as the finest investing app accessible in India as a result of this functionality.

The programme also enables users to invest in Intelligent Advisory Portfolios, which is the third function. IAPs are investment portfolios that are conceptually separated. These portfolio schemes are similar to Portfolio Management Schemes, but with a smaller ticket amount to enable regular people to participate in market rallies. IAPs are created by combining professional brains with cutting-edge future technology to assist investors in making sound investment decisions. Market capitalization, one-year stock return, and industry are used to categorize IAP funds. Despite the fact that the funds are automatically transacted based on market movements, the plan gives investors a high level of discretion to keep them informed about their portfolio's success.

While MO Investor offers a wide range of investment alternatives, those looking for a simpler way to invest with a little amount of money may use Stock SIPs or invest in digital gold. MO Investor provides a place for everyone, no matter what their desires are or how much money they have. MO Investor is the greatest stock market software accessible for FREE installation because of all of its features.

With Motilal Oswal, you may explore the endless possibilities of stock market investment. Open a free demat account right now!

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