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Power of Entrepreneurship

There are 6.9 billion of us, 1 in 6 of us is unemployed, and 4 billion of us live on less than Rs. 70 a day. All of us want to go ahead in life and most of us have ideas about how to do that and we’ve got 4 options: Hope for help, expect government support, get a job or become an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is about all those people who see markets and opportunities. But more importantly, they stand in front of the mirror and see their true selves. That self, tells them it is meaningless to sell soap just because they're paid well to do so. That being a corporate slave is an easy option, but not the one that feels right. That there is something bigger and better to do with their talents, so they should do things others think is foolish. And they should stay hungry for that something more. They should seize their moment, so that they would not wake up one day with regrets.


It’s a state of mind that an individual possesses internally. Being an entrepreneur means that you want more out of your life. It means that you aren’t satisfied with just showing up and punching a clock. It means that you believe enough in yourself, your talent and your destiny that you want to do something that ordinary people cannot possibly fathom.


Anybody can encompass the trait of entrepreneur by focusing on the core trait that is ingrained in an entrepreneur’s DNA: innovate, push new boundaries, produce new efficiencies, generate new revenues and create new jobs.


If you are an entrepreneur, you look at yourself every morning in the mirror and think about how you can improve yourself, your company and society as a whole. Understanding that you can transform your role, your company and society will empower you to understand that you can do something much greater that what can be redacted to a three sentence job profile.


You have the power to change lives and livelihoods in the communities and countries where you operate. You are the conduit for real change and development – a ripple effect that begins with the business and moves into the community at the grass roots level.


It’s about having the courage to follow your heart and intuition because they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Imagine a gathering full of innovators from across the world who is engaged in transforming society in positive ways. Imagine these voices collectively coming together to share their ideas and experiences with each other. What a wonderful world it would be!!


Motilal Oswal Group is one such organization which believes in the “Power of Entrepreneurship” in its truest form. The Business Associates Group (franchisee) business of MOSL is one of the oldest businesses of the group. There are more than 1500 entrepreneurs who are associated with the organization & MOSL does everything possible to make them grow big & better. There are countless stories of people, who have joined Motilal Oswal & have grown exponentially. We have also made a book “NO LIMITS” which describes the growth of some of such business partners. We, at Motilal Oswal also believe in encouraging employees to become entrepreneur through our “Employee to Entrepreneur” program & we have seen huge success not only of Motilal Oswal employees but employees of other firms who have joined & have done extremely well for themselves. We are the market leaders in the franchisee business in India, primarily because we believe in WIN-WIN relationship for the business partners, their clients & for the firm. We also run multiple business models in our business partner business like franchisees, remisiers, IFA’s & introducers. The franchisee business is where the local sales, local advisory, local servicing, risk & local infrastructure is owned by the franchisee, in the case of remisiers, the infrastructure & part of servicing is managed by MOSL, rest taken care by the remisier. In case of IFA’s, sales & advisory is managed by the IFA, rest taken care by MOSL. Historically the IFA’s have generally focused on the distribution products. As regards introducers, their role is to only introduce their clients, everything else is taken care by MOSL. The financials in each category thus varies according to different business models.


More power to entrepreneur, they have very important power to develop & change the world.

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