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Top Stocks To Benefit From ICC World Cup 2023


Cricket is not just a sport but a religion in India. Almost everyone follows it passionately with the game being played in every nook and corner of the country. However, one thing that has eluded us for the last 10 years is an International Cricket Council (ICC) trophy. India last won the World Cup in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013, both under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

As the ICC Cricket World Cup returns to India after 12 years, the home team would look to repeat their heroics of 2011 and become just the second country after Australia to win more than two ODI World Cups. For stock market investors, the upcoming World Cup presents an excellent opportunity as the shares of several companies can benefit from the ICC world 2023.

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Stocks to benefit from ICC World Cup 2023

1. The Indian Hotels Company

One sector that can benefit immensely from the upcoming World Cup is the hospitality sector. The tournament will be held across 10 cities: Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Dharamshala, Hyderabad, and Pune. Fans are expected to throng these cities in huge numbers once the tournament starts.

Most hotels are expecting a 100% occupancy during October-November. Besides the World Cup, these months will also witness the festival holidays. The Indian Hotels Company, which provides management services to various hotel chains, including Taj, Vivanta, Ginger, The Gateway, SeleQtions, and Trails, is expected to churn a good profit.

The Indian Hotels Company’s shares were trading for Rs. 430.05 (as of 5 September 2023) at the NSE. The stock is at its 52-week high point, and the upsurge is expected to continue for at least four to six months.

2. Jubilant FoodWorks

Like the hotel industry, another sector that can benefit from the ICC World Cup 2023 and the festive season is the retail food industry. It’s a given that fans who would come to watch their favorite teams lock horns for the cup will spend quite a lot on food.

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited is a retail food-based company that sells ready-to-eat food through some well-known domestic and international brands. The international brands under the company include Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Popeyes. The home-grown brands include Hong’s Kitchen and Ekdum, among others.

As of 5 September 2023, Jubilant FoodWorks’ shares were trading for Rs. 540.50 at the NSE and Rs. 540.20 at the BSE. Although the one-year return of these shares is negative, they are expected to perform well in the upcoming months.

3. Interglobe Aviation

Like the food and hotel industries, aviation is expected to benefit considerably from India's upcoming Cricket World Cup. Interglobe Aviation Limited, known as IndiGo, offers air transportation, pre-flight and post-flight cargo handling, and other allied services at several Indian and international airports.

The company enjoys a giant market share of 63.2% (as of June 2023) in the Indian aviation sector. As of 5 September 2023, its shares were trading for Rs. 2,459.55 at the NSE and Rs. 2,460.40 each at the BSE. They have already delivered a return of 21.17% in the last year, and the upsurge can continue in the upcoming months.


Not everyone can afford to travel through flights in India. So, the only feasible option for them is Indian Railways. It manages the fourth-largest railway network in the world.

IRCTC is a mini-ratna public-sector company that offers internet ticketing, catering, and tourism services exclusively to passengers traveling via Indian Railways. Under the tourism and ticketing business, it provides domestic holiday packages, payment gateway, and e-wallet services. The company also offers budget accommodation through Rail Yatri Niwas and BNR Hotels.

As of 5 September 2023, IRCTC shares were trading for Rs. 700.55 at the NSE and Rs. 700.35 each at the BSE. These prices have already zoomed by more than 9% in the last 30 days, and further upsurge is expected in the next two to four months.

5. VBL

Varun Beverages, a PepsiCo distributor, stock can benefit from the ICC World Cup 2023 through increased soft drink sales, promotional campaigns, and potential partnerships. Sporting events boost beverage consumption and offer marketing opportunities. However, success depends on how well the company seizes these opportunities while managing costs and competition.

6. United Spirits

As a liquor company, United Spirits may see increased sales during the ICC World Cup 2023 event as consumers celebrate by purchasing alcoholic beverages. As the gaming season will pump up the number of Live Cricket viewing parties, and sporting events, the need for consumption for beverages also grows up, which shall mean increased sales for the company

7. Zomato

Zomato, as an online food delivery platform, may experience increased orders and restaurant partnerships during the ICC World Cup, especially for home-viewing parties. They can leverage marketing campaigns and special offers to attract more users.

To conclude

The upcoming cricket World Cup in India offers an excellent opportunity for the home team to end their ICC trophy drought of over ten years. It also allows stock market investors to profit significantly from the above-mentioned shares.

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