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Understanding F&O open interest data 

14 Mar 2023

The total number of open or ongoing contracts owned by a market player at any particular moment is defined as open interest. Open Interest data aids in identifying stock market patterns. In layman's terms, open interest data assists a trader in understanding the market environment by merely displaying the amount of futures contracts that have changed hands during market hours. F&O contract traders mostly employ open-interest analysis. The Open Interest data fluctuates daily based on the number of ongoing contracts.

How Can You Examine Open Interest Data To Spot Trends?

Price downward and upward directions may identify a trend, but the longevity of such a trend is unclear. There are specific significant reasons that support the price's decision to go in a particular way. Open interest data is one of the variables and reasons for a durable trend and a trend reversal. When the price moves up or down, and future open interest rises with it at a specific level, we may anticipate the price change to continue. On the other hand, if a trend is apparent in the market and there is a dramatic drop in futures open interest, we should be sceptical of the trend. There is a possibility of a trend reversal.

An increase in open interest indicates that new money is entering the market, whereas a fall in open interest indicates that money is leaving the market. Buyers push the market upward by putting new money into it, whilst sellers do the reverse. When a new contract is exchanged, OI rises. A trend is determined by how many new contracts are exchanged with each new price shift. If new money does not enter the market and new contracts do not move hands, we should be sceptical of the trend.

What is an Option Chain?

The option chain of any company provides us with a thorough knowledge of how bulls and bears are positioned in the marketplace. Bulls often engage by selling put options, while bears typically participate by selling call options. We must remember that because of the intrinsic time decay of options, there are typically a significant number of option sellers in the market. The point of relevance is a large number of open option interests at any given strike price.

Wrapping Up

Along with the technical analysis, open interest data analysis should be performed as a supplementary technique. It is critical to check on them both at the end of the day and during the day. High open interest buildup in futures and options for companies in the F&O sector is a solid indicator of market direction.

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