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Unravelling STIR Futures and Options A Comprehensive Guide

12 Jul 2023


  • Managing risk amidst fluctuating short-term interest rates is crucial in today’s dynamic financial landscape. 
  • This is where Short Term Interest Rate Products, or STIRs, come into play; they provide access to liquid reference rate-based derivatives. 
  • STIRs are also known as money market instruments and primarily consist of interest rate futures contracts with maturities of less than one year.
  • With deep pools of actionable liquidity available around the clock, STIRs provide market participants with valuable tools to navigate the complexities of interest rate fluctuations. 
  • In this blog, we will delve deeper into the world of STIR futures and options and also explore their price quotations with examples.


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What are STIR Futures and Options?

  • STIR futures and options provide traders with powerful financial instruments in the derivatives market. STIR products serve as the foundation for these instruments. 
  • STIR futures are standardised contracts that enable buying and selling of a specific short-term interest rate derivatives instrument at a predetermined price and quantity at a future date. 
  • On the other hand, STIR options derive their value from specific STIR future contracts, offering traders the opportunity to buy or sell at predetermined terms. 

What are the Features of STIR Futures and Options? 

STIR futures and options are designed to offer maximum efficiency and accessibility. The distinctive features that set them apart are as follows:

  • Duration: They have a duration of less than one year, which makes them suitable for short-term interest rate hedging. Given their short duration, they are also referred to as 'money market instruments'. 
  • Trade on exchanges: Traders trade STIR futures and options actively on well-established exchanges. This ensures transparency, liquidity, and a centralised marketplace for these participants.
  • Cash settlement: Unlike some other derivative contracts, STIR futures and options are exclusively settled in cash. Upon expiration, the profit or loss is determined by the difference between the settlement price and the purchase price. 

What are the Merits of STIR Futures and Options?

STIR futures and options offer several advantages. These make them particularly appealing to market participants seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of short-term interest rates. Some of the benefits are:

  • Speculation: Market participants can use STIR futures and options for speculative purposes. When investors accurately predict the direction of STIR movements, they tend to profit from favourable market trends. 
  • Liquidity and transparency: STIR futures and options, when traded on well-regulated exchanges, provide high levels of liquidity and transparency. This facilitates easy entry and exit of positions, which ensures fair pricing and efficient market operations. 
  • Hedging: STIR futures and options offer investors a valuable tool for hedging adverse price fluctuations. This helps them to stabilise prices and manage risks associated with STIR movements. 
  • Monetary Policy decisions: Central Banks closely monitor trading data for STIR futures and options to gauge market expectations and sentiments. This way, they can make informed monetary policy decisions, including interest rate setting. 
  • For instance, the Federal Reserve may consider the trading data from Fed Fund futures to assess market sentiment and guide their monetary policy decisions. 

What are STIR Futures Price Quotations?

  • The STIR futures price is quoted as 100 minus the rate of interest. 
  • This quotation reflects the inverse relationship between the expected direction of the underlying interest rate and the contract’s value. 
  • As an illustration, let’s consider a scenario where the rate of interest stands at 3%. The price quotation for a STIR future would be calculated as- Price quotation for a STIR Future = 100-3 = 97.
    Therefore, in this example, the STIR futures contract’s price quotation would be 97. 


  • STIR futures and options play a vital role in the derivatives market. They help market participants hedge against short-term interest rate fluctuations and capitalise on market trends.
  • These instruments provide opportunities for risk management and speculation and influence monetary policy decisions.
  • However, it is crucial to understand the associated risks and make informed decisions while trading these derivatives.
  • With their liquidity, transparency, and standardised contracts, STIR futures and options contribute to the efficient functioning of financial markets. 


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