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What Does Clubbing of Open Position Limit on MCX Mean

20 Jul 2023

Understanding the clubbing of open position limits is critical for traders and market participants in order to comply with regulatory requirements, ensure fair and transparent trading conditions, and facilitate efficient market forces of supply and demand without concentration of positions.

In this post, we will learn about the clubbing of open position limit on MCX

What Is an Open Position?

An open position refers to any trade established but has yet to be closed out with another trade. For instance, when an investor owns 500 shares of one stock until selling them off. An open position represents market exposure for an investor, and risks remain until their position is closed out by another trade.

An open position can occur following a buy, long, sell, or short position. 

What Is Position Limit?

Position limits are preset limits set forth by exchanges or regulators that establish ownership levels, limiting how many shares or derivative contracts one trader or group of traders and investors may own simultaneously.

What Is MCX?

India's first commodity derivatives exchange, that started in 2023, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited, provides online trading of commodity derivatives transactions. MCX functions under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

MCX operates similarly to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), providing commodity derivative contracts across segments like metals, agriculture commodities, and energy.

MCX, India's Multi Commodity Exchange, enjoys an excellent repo in the Indian market because of its transparent trading, well-organised processes, and high-quality standards.

As one of the country's premier commodity exchanges, its mission is to offer an efficient platform for trading and clearing commodities.

MCX stands out as the go-to platform in India for offering derivative contracts in commodities. Their platform offers different contracts depending on what commodity is being traded - futures, options, forwards, and swaps can all be found within this marketplace.

It also dedicates itself to building a state-of-the-art infrastructure that exemplifies other regional exchanges. 

India's derivatives market was historically unregulated, leading to widespread manipulation in this industry and causing harm to many small traders who invested with the intention of making quick money. However, regulators recently are actively taking measures to control these manipulations by closing down several illegal trading activities that were taking place previously.

What Does The Clubbing Open Position Limit on MCX Refer To?

When multiple commodity accounts are opened (partnership/individual/corporate/HUF etc.) with different or same brokers, and there are open positions in all accounts, these positions will be clubbed together and determined as a total open position limit for the contract as per SEBI circular. A penalty will be charged if total open positions surpass exchange-mandated limits.


Compliance with open position limits and clubbing rules is essential for market participants looking to avoid penalties, restrictions, or forced liquidations of positions. Traders must actively manage their positions, accurately report on them, and practice effective risk management to stay within the prescribed limits.

An MCX trading account allows you to invest in various commodities and diversify your portfolio more effectively. Start trading in the commodities market with Motilal Oswal. Create your MCX trading account today. 


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