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What Is 10 Day Moving Average - Learn How To Use It


The moving average is an indicator that tells the average closing price of a stock over time. The 10-day moving average is also one such indicator that traders use. 

Do you know what it is? Stay with us to learn how to make profits using this indicator.

What is the meaning of the 10-day moving average? 

The 10-day moving average is a technical indicator used in trading sessions. It indicates the average closing price during the last ten trading sessions. This indicator determines the strength of a price trend, which will eventually help you place sell signals. 

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How is the 10-day moving average calculated? 

The 10-day moving average is calculated by adding the closing price of the last ten trading sessions and then dividing the value by 10. This means that the average price for today will be the average of the previous 10 days. 

However, if you were to calculate the average price of the next day, then you need to remove the first day from the calculation, and today's price will be added to the average calculation. 

How to use the 10-day moving average during trading sessions? 

The moving average can be added to your charts by following these steps: 

  1. Tap on the indicator option 

  2. In the menu, choose MA or moving average

  3. Then select the number of days as 10. 

  4. Choose the type of moving average. 

  5. Opt for the simple MA if you are a beginner. 

How is the 10-day moving average represented on the charts? 

After setting up this indicator, a trend line will be visible on the charts. The 10-day moving average trend line is represented in the following way in charts:

What are the trading strategies used around 10 day moving average?

Strategies that involve using 10 days MA as an indicator are: 

  • Identification of solid trends in the market 

If the 10-day moving average of a stock has sufficiently progressed from the last 10-day average, traders can place a sell order for the stock to book profits. Furthermore, such a trend downwards indicates the bearish nature of the stock, and traders can sell their positions and exit. 

  • Forecasting stock trend

The 10-day moving average helps traders in forecasting a stock’s trend. This average is more accurate for the short term as the long-term charts get smoothened over time. 

Points to remember

The 10-day MA is a technical indicator representing the average closing price in the last 10 days. This average value helps traders forecast if the stock is bullish or bearish in the future. It allows traders to take trading calls and making strategies. 


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