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What Is A Refer And Earn Demat Account Programme

With Demat, you are not only entering the world of stock market, but can also earn money with the refer and earn demat account programme. To learn about the functionality of a refer and earn demat account programme, keep reading further. 

  • How Does  A Refer And Earn Demat Account Work?

Nowadays, every other person who is a stock broker provides rewards and referral points to those who refer their family and friends to open a refer and earn Demat account. It is very simple to earn rewards on the refer and earn Demat account. All you need to do is follow the five steps given below: 

  1. Fill up the form with the details of the referral. 
  2. A call would be arranged for you to open your refer and earn Demat account with the best stock broker in the country. 
  3. A trade will be initiated by the referral. 
  4. A team will verify the trading activity. 
  5. Cash rewards will then be generated and it will directly be transferred to your bank account. 
  • How Does The Refer And Earn Demat Account Differ From Others? 

If you are wondering why you should choose Demat over other platforms provided by the stock brokers, here are some distinct factors that would help you choose Demat over anything else: 

- The rewards on Demat are provided in the form of cash 

- Cash value would vary depending on the percentage of active traders amidst referrals

- The chances of earning cash per account is set to the limit of Rs. 550 

- You are allowed to refer an unlimited number of referrals for opening of Demat accounts 

- The cash rewards would be directly transferred to your bank account through UPI such as PhonePe, GPay, or PayTM

- The money transfer is made instantly the moment the referral begins trading

  • Additional Benefits Of A Demat Account

There are a bunch of additional benefits provided to the clients of Demat, such as: 

  • Free subscription on Stock Pathshala: Free subscription of courses worth Rs. 5000 on Stock Pathshala will be provided. The app would help you gain a better idea of the stock market by providing you with audio, textual and video lessons. 
  • Free Live Tutorials: You will be provided with free live Tutorials on Zoom twice a week. 
  • Trading tips on Telegram: You will also be receiving free intraday as well as delivery trading tips on the Telegram channel called ADB stock tips. 

So now that you know how Demat refer and earn scheme works, what are you waiting for? Open your online demat account and start earning points!

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