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What Is Ledger Balance In Demat Account

10 Jul 2023


  • In the modern financial landscape, the arrival of DEMAT account has revolutionised the way investors hold and trade securities.
  • Gone are the days of physical share certificates and cumbersome paperwork. Today, dematerialization has made investing far more convenient, secure, and efficient.
  • As investors dive into the world of DEMAT accounts, it is important to understand the various terms and concepts associated with them.

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What Does the Ledger Balance Represent in a DEMAT Account?

  • In the context of a DEMAT account, the term 'ledger balance' refers to the net quantity of shares held by an investor after considering all the transactions, including purchases, sales, and corporate actions, such as dividends and bonus issues.
  • It represents the updated and current status of shares in a DEMAT account.
  • Ledger balance is a dynamic figure that changes with every transaction executed in a DEMAT account.
  • It also provides investors with an accurate and real-time view of their holdings. Therefore, it becomes crucial for investors to keep track of their ledger balance to make informed decisions about their investments.

How Do Transactions Impact the Ledger Balance?

  • When an investor purchases or sells his shares, the number of shares bought or sold is added to or deducted from the ledger balance of his DEMAT account.
  • Corporate actions, such as dividends, bonus issues, or stock splits, also impact the ledger balance.
  • For example, if a company declares a dividend, the ledger balance will be adjusted to reflect the additional shares received as dividends.

What are the Differences Between a Ledger Balance and a Trading Balance?

  • The ledger balance is distinct from the trading or settlement balance.
  • The trading balance refers to the number of shares bought or sold but not yet settled. Settlement typically takes a few days after the execution of a trade.
  • During this time, the trading balance is not reflected in the ledger balance. It is only after the settlement process that the ledger balance is updated to reflect the final status of the shares in the DEMAT account.

How Can Investors Access Their Ledger Balance?

  • Investors can access their ledger balance through various channels.
  • Most DEMAT account providers offer online platforms or mobile applications that allow investors to view their holdings and the corresponding ledger balance.
  • These platforms provide a comprehensive overview of their DEMAT account, including transaction history, current holdings, and the ledger balance.

What is the Role of the Ledger Balance in Pledging Securities?

  • The ledger balance serves as a vital tool for investors to monitor their investments and make well-informed decisions.
  • By regularly checking their ledger balance, investors can track the performance of their holdings and assess the need for any adjustments to their investment strategy.
  • It helps investors keep a close eye on their portfolio and take timely actions, such as buying or selling shares based on market conditions.
  • Furthermore, the ledger balance plays a crucial role during the process of pledging securities.
  • Pledging allows investors to use their DEMAT holdings as collateral for obtaining loans or credit facilities. 
  • Financial institutions consider ledger balance as a key factor in determining the value and eligibility of pledged securities.


  • To sum up, the ledger balance is an essential component of a DEMAT account.
  • It represents the net quantity of shares held by an investor after considering all the transactions and corporate actions.
  • It helps investors make informed decisions by offering a real-time view of their holdings.
  • It also helps them monitor the performance of their investments in a timely manner.
  • Understanding the concept of ledger balance is crucial for anyone venturing into the world of DEMAT accounts, as it empowers investors to manage their portfolios effectively and navigate the complexities of the modern financial markets.


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