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What is Long Lower Shadow Candlestick Pattern

11 Aug 2023


The candlestick patterns are mainly effective and trustworthy technical trading that helps the traders identify market sentiments and price direction. There are several patterns you will find when trading. However, this beginner's guide will be helpful if you want to know more about the long lower shadow candlestick before starting your trading journey.

What Is Long Lower Shadow Candlestick?

The long lower shadow candlestick is a trustworthy technical tool. It helps traders identify asset movements and the reversal of current market trends. This pattern features an upper end of the candle and a short body with a long shadow. So, the length of the body of this pattern is two times shorter than its shadow.

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How to Interpret the Hammer Candlestick?

The hammer candlestick appears when the high, close, and open exist at a similar price. It creates the long lower shadow candlestick where the shadow forms when there is intense selling met by strong buying. The hammer signals are either trade placing or profit taking. Therefore, the most practical way to use this candlestick is by analyzing early warning signals of retracements and reversals. 

When the hammer forms one after another, it means that banks are constantly gaining profits from the existing small trades. So, the long lower shadow candlestick addresses an ongoing, huge, intense selling pressure. This can only be bought by the banks in large quantities. Remember, the longer the shadow will be, the higher the number of sellers during the price drop.

How to Interpret Hanging Man Patterns?

Hanging man patterns appear when the prices are on the uptrend in the trading marketplace. It signifies that the bulls are getting the power in the market. Though, the long lower shadow candlestick appears here at the end of the bullish trends. It also indicates that the sellers are trying hard to get control over the price movements. 

What Is the Right Way to Use the Long Lower Shadow Candlestick? 

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before initiating a trade with long, lower, shadow candlesticks.

  • First, you must identify a trend, whether it is bearish or bullish.
  • Second, evaluate whether a candle appears with a long lower shadow.
  • After checking the pattern, wait a few minutes until the candle confirms the trend reversal.


The long lower shadow candlestick is one of the most trustworthy tools that offer important indications about the potential reversal of the trading market. But, you must practice this pattern for a long time to minimize the possibility of your trading decisions converting into unexpected turns. 


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