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What is Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern

18 Aug 2023


In financial markets, patterns and trends paint a vivid canvas of opportunities for traders and investors alike. One captivating phenomenon stands out among the myriad of chart patterns that adorn this landscape - the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern. 

Recent testing of this method against a traditional buy-and-hold strategy on the NASDAQ Composite over 14 years revealed remarkable results. The Sushi Roll Reversal Method demonstrated impressive returns of 29.31%, while the buy-and-hold strategy returned 10.66%. 

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If you are a trader seeking to understand the movement of the market, understanding this pattern could be the key to unlocking a world of potential profits. Read on to learn more about the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern.

What is the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern?

Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern is a term used in financial markets to describe a specific chart pattern that traders and investors look for. 

Imagine you are observing a sushi roll being unwrapped layer by layer. In this pattern, a market or stock starts with a clear trend in one direction. Then, suddenly, there is a sharp reversal, where the trend changes direction. It is like someone unravels the sushi roll oppositely. 

How to use Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern? 

The Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern is a candlestick chart pattern that helps in technical analysis. This assists in identifying potential trend reversals in financial markets, like stocks or forex. First, you must look for two consecutive candlesticks with different colors to use. 

The first candle should have a large body, indicating a strong trend. The second candle should have a body that completely engulfs the first candle, signifying a potential reversal. 

What are the Limitations of the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern?

The Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern, while helpful in spotting potential trend reversals, has its limitations. Some of them are:

1. False Signals

Sometimes, the pattern may appear, but the market does not reverse as expected, leading to false signals. This can result in making incorrect trading decisions.

2. Subjectivity

Identifying the pattern can be subjective, as it depends on the trader's interpretation of candlestick sizes and colors. Different traders may see different patterns in the same chart.

3. Confirmation Needed

It is essential to confirm the pattern with other technical indicators or analyses before taking action. Relying solely on the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern can be risky.


The Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern can help traders and investors in the financial markets. However, it is essential to be careful and not rely solely on a single pattern. 

Although the historical data may look promising, no trading strategy is guaranteed to work all the time. So, it is best to combine the Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern with other reliable methods to make informed decisions.


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