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What is Three Inside Down Candlestick Pattern

What is the Three Inside Down Candlestick Pattern?

The Three Inside Down Candlestick Pattern consists of three candlesticks consecutively. Typically observed in a bullish trend, this pattern starts with a robust, long bullish candle, followed by two smaller bearish candles. When spotted at the peak of an uptrend, this pattern indicates an imminent trend reversal, signaling an impending price drop for the asset.

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How to interpret the Three Inside Down Candlestick Pattern?

Recognizing the Three Inside Down pattern on a candlestick chart is simple. 

  • The asset's price is on an upward trajectory. The first candle in the Three Inside Down pattern closes with a positive sentiment, boasting an extended bullish body, affirming the trend's continuity.
  • The second candle, however, opens with a 'gap down' - an unexpected plunge amidst the prevailing bullish trend, causing unease among the bulls. Seizing the opportunity, the bears enter the scene, taking control of the session and pushing prices downward. Although the second candle's closing price remains higher than the first candle's opening, the formation resembles a bearish Harami candlestick pattern.
  • As the third session unfolds, the selling pressure intensifies, leaving the bears in control. The third candle concludes in red. For the Three Inside Down Candlestick Pattern to succeed, the third bearish candle must close below both the first two candles. This significant downward move in the third session confirms the bearish trend reversal, adding weight to the pattern's reliability.

How to Use the Three Inside Down Pattern to Your Advantage?

  1. Identify the Three Inside Down pattern: Recognize the three candles - a large bullish candle (part of the uptrend), a smaller bearish candle within its body, and a bearish candle closing below the first candle's low, confirming the reversal.
  2. Confirm with volume: Volume serves as additional validation. Look for increased volume during the formation of the third bearish candle, indicating stronger bearish sentiment.
  3. Wait for confirmation: Patience is key. Wait for the third candlestick to close before considering the pattern valid.
  4. Place your trade: Once confirmed, consider a short position, placing a stop-loss order above the third bearish candle's high.
  5. Utilize additional indicators: Strengthen your decision with technical indicators like moving averages, RSI, or MACD.
  6. Manage risk: Prioritize risk management, setting a risk-to-reward ratio, and limiting trading capital exposure.


The Three Inside Down Candlestick Pattern is a valuable tool for traders. Remember, the second bearish candle's position offers insights into the trend reversal's strength. If the short second bearish candle appears at the top of the first bullish candle, the reversal may be slower. Conversely, if the bearish second candle emerges around the mid to lower half of the bullish first candle, a stronger trend reversal is likely.


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