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When Should Additional Margins Be Added if a Margin Call is Received

26 Jul 2023


A margin call is an important event in investing that requires prompt action. Investors must carefully evaluate the circumstances after receiving a margin call to determine if more margins must be added. This article explores why promptly responding to margin calls is essential and the variables to consider while deciding whether to provide more margins. Investors may manage their portfolios and reduce risks by fully comprehending this important aspect of investing.

What are Additional Margin Calls?

Additional margin calls are requests from brokerage firms for investors to add more funds into their margin accounts. These calls aim to reduce risk and ensure that the existing margins are adequate to cover losses or meet revised margin requirements.

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When Should Additional Margins Be Added?

To reduce risks and prevent forced liquidation, additional margins should be added as soon as a margin call is issued. Here are some guidelines you must bear in mind:

  • Determine the precise period your brokerage firm has given you to comply with the margin call. Usually, it takes between 24 and 72 hours.
  • Analyse your financial condition and determine whether you have the resources to meet the margin call. Consider the cash on hand, the liquidity, and prospective sources of additional financing.
  • Examine the state of the market and determine whether further asset decline or recovery is likely. The results of this evaluation can influence your choice regarding whether to add more margins.
  • Take into account both your risk tolerance and your investment strategy. Examine whether increasing the margins is consistent with your overall investment objectives and risk-management strategy.
  • Seek assistance from financial professionals who can offer direction customised to your unique position, such as advisors or brokers.

What is the Timeframe for Responding to a Margin Call?

The window for responding to a margin call is crucial and requires rapid action. Investors are expected to increase margins quickly within 24 to 72 hours. The precise time frame could change depending on various brokerage firms and individual agreements. Ignoring or delaying a margin call can have serious repercussions, including the forced liquidation of assets. 

Investors should review their financial capacity to meet a margin call as soon as they receive it and weigh the market environment, risk tolerance, and investing strategy. Investors who move quickly and seek competent advice can successfully navigate this difficult scenario.

What are the Recommendations For Adding Additional Margins?

Increasing margins becomes essential when facing a margin call to safeguard investments and keep things stable. These are the recommendations for adding additional margins:

  • Act quickly: If you are responding to a margin call, time is important. The chance of being put into liquidation can rise if the procedure is delayed. Take action right away to make up for the margin deficiency.
  • Seek Consultation: Consult with brokers or financial counsellors qualified to offer professional guidance. They can offer expert insights that are specific to your situation.
  • Maintain financial discipline: Analyse your circumstances and determine the most appropriate approach to add additional margins. This can involve assessing available resources, exploring financing options, or adjusting investment strategies.
  • Diversify your investments: A well-diversified portfolio can help tackle margin-related issues by giving you a buffer against sudden market volatility. Spreading your investments across different assets can also significantly reduce risk exposure.


By promptly addressing margin deficiencies and adding additional margins in the recommended timeframe, you can avoid the risk of forced liquidation and navigate the various challenges of margin trading. Remember, by acting quickly and taking informed decisions, you can successfully manage margin calls and the difficulties of margin trading.


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