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Why is linking Aadhar important? Where all can we link Aadhar cards to?

21 Nov 2023

Aadhar linking has been in the news in the last few days after the Supreme Court passed an order that linking to bank accounts will not be compulsory. Of course, it continues to be compulsory for filing of Income Tax Returns. Either ways, it is always advisable to keep your inter linkages. At some point, we will have to move towards a more interconnected world and Aadhar is the gateway to that world.  Let us understanding the benefits of linking Aadhar card and why Aadhar linking is important. Also let us see where to link Aadhar card.


Why linking your Aadhar card important?

One of the basic problems of the old data base structures was that they were vulnerable to duplicates and fake records. It is hard to duplicate Aadhar because the uniqueness of your biometric data makes duplication almost next to impossible. According to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), government schemes are asking for Aadhaar as it helps to clean out duplications and fakes, and provides accurate data to enable implementation of direct benefit programmes. The biggest advantage of Aadhar is that it reduces the cost of identifying people and therefore becomes more economical as well as more transparent. When you link your bank account with your Aadhaar, government benefits such as subsidy on LPG cylinders is credited directly to that account. Today, if you have an Aadhar account that is linked to your bank, income tax and mobile, then you can do online e-KYC for most financial transactions.


We need to remember that linking of Aadhaar with services will help eradicate fake accounts, fake insurance policies and unauthorised mobile connections. That is a major security issue and technology can be used to address the same. Quite often, unscrupulous persons open bank accounts in your name and these can be easily tracked down once Aadhar is implemented in right earnest. Consider these statistics. With the help of Aadhar, the government has successfully removed nearly 2.30 crore fake ration cards, nearly 3 lakh fake students availing mid-day meal facility saving billions of dollars for the Indian government.


Where all can we link Aadhar data?
Today it is possible to link your Aadhar details at a variety of places and the process is simple and the scope for misuse is largely reduced.

The most important linking is of the Aadhar card account with the Bank account. Firstly ensure that the name matches perfectly in both the cases. Linking to bank account not only entitles you to government benefits in the form of direct credit but also you can use this to authenticate in lieu of digital signature. You can link you bank account with Aadhar by logging to your net banking website or even by visiting your branch.

It is important to link your PAN card to your Aadhar card otherwise filing of tax returns will not be possible. This can be done by logging into your unique PAN login on the Income Tax Website. Even after the Supreme Court order making Aadhar linking to bank accounts voluntary, linking to PAN is still mandatory.

The third document you must link your Aadhar card to is your voter id. This is again mandatory and you need do this mapping to ensure that your voter id cannot be misused by anyone else. You can do this in the NSCVP website or via SMS.

If you want to claim the benefit of subsidized LPG, then it is essential to map your LPG connection to your Aadhar. Unless your bank account and LPG connection are not connected through Aadhar, you can get the government subsidy as a refund into your bank account. This is again mandatory.

Mapping your Aadhar card to your ration card is again compulsory. This has prevented the proliferation of duplicate and fake accounts with the municipalities and Panchayats. This can be done from the Aadhar seeding website.

As per DOT regulations, mapping your mobile number to Aadhar is a must and fresh connections are not issued without Aadhar card. This is important for the larger safety and security of the Indian citizens.

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