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        How can a Future Value Calculator help you?

        Get an estimate on your total value of investments in the future with the advanced Future-value calculator.

        Know about the future value of any investment so you can make decisions quickly

        Build a comprehensive financial portfolio by gauging the future value of a variety of investments from mutual funds and SIPs to equities and fixed instruments

        Weigh the pros and cons of different assets and investments to make wise decisions

        Use the Future Value Calculator to do research on an investment and decide whether it matches your goals

        1. What Is Future Value (FV)?

        An asset’s value changes constantly for several reasons, such as inflation as well as any returns gained from the asset. Inflation erodes an asset, while returns can add real value to an asset. When returns are earned, they are higher in value than inflation. Therefore, over a period, your asset can only grow. This means your asset has a value at a time in the future. A future value calculator online helps to compute growth such as this, or the asset’s future value.

        2. What is a Future Value calculator?

        The ideal way to compute any asset’s value at a future date is by using an online tool, the future value calculator. This is freely available on most websites of financial institutions and is feasible for knowing how an asset will be valued in the future.

        3. How is Future Value calculated?

        If you wish, you could calculate the future value of any asset by using the formula of simple interest. You could also use compound interest to undertake calculations. Computing the time value of an asset could be a tedious task if done manually. Instead, a future value calculator is straightforward as it operates according to inputs by users. All you are required to do is feed in inputs such as the initial amount of investment, the return (a percentage), the estimated percent of inflation, and the period of the investment (years). Online, a variety of these exist for different investment avenues and instruments. Such future value calculators, being user-friendly, are popular.

        4. What are the benefits of a Future Value calculator?

        • A future value calculator benefits you in the following ways:
        • ● It helps you to know the value of your assets in the future
        • ● It is quick and convenient to use
        • ● It gauges your returns so you can take corrective action in the present
        • ● It helps you take concrete steps to plan and make better investment decisions to meet financial goals
        • ● It is free to use and user-friendly
        • ● You get near-accurate results

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        Future Value Calculator FAQs

        1. Why do you need to calculate the Future Value?

        An asset’s value, compared to the present value, can change. The current value may grow, reduce, or remain the same in the future. It is imperative for investors to know what their assets will be valued at in the future to plan their financial goals. In case they find out that the value would become inadequate, corrective action can be taken at the current time. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses and individuals to grasp the concept of their asset’s future value.

        2. How do you calculate the future value of monthly investments?

        Any investment’s future value depends on the return in the future, inflation, and rates of tax. An investment becomes worthwhile if returns offered exceed inflation in the future. With a future value calculator, you get an invaluable tool to gauge monthly investments by feeding in simple details like your investment amount and instalments (if monthly), as well as your duration of investment.

        3. How do you calculate the future value of a series of deposits?

        You may use the feature of the calculation for compounding on a future value calculator. A huge array of different calculators exist for just this purpose and their user-friendly interfaces make them ideal to use

        4. What two methods are used to calculate future values?

        There are two methods of calculating the future value - simple interest and compound interest future value. Both are a bit different from each other. For simple interest, the following formula is used to compute the FV:

        FV = PV (1 + r)n

        ● Here,

        ● PV = the present/current monetary value

        ● r = the interest rate

        ● n = the investment duration

        A common example that makes use of FV compounding is an annuity. In an annuity, a specific sum gets invested over a duration. For a compounding FV, the following formula applies:

        FVOA = A ×(1 + r)n – 1


        This is challenging for a lay person to grasp so a future value calculator in the form of an annuity calculator is perfect to use