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        How can a Inflation Calculator help you?

        Understand the impact of inflation on your purchasing power over time with the inflation calculator.

        Estimate the Future Value of Your Capital (Money) - Present vs Future Value/Prices
        Plan Your Investment According to Inflation Rate
        Maintain Your Lifestyle By Planning accounting for Inflation

        The Inflation calculator helps you to plan your future finances with inflation so you don’t get any financial shocks later.

        1. What is Inflation?

        Inflation is a term, used in finance and economics, to describe a sustained rise in the price of all the goods and services that an economy has to offer. Typically, it is measurable with the use of the CPI, or consumer price index. This is an quantifiable measure of the goods and services that people commonly buy. As the prices of such goods and services rise, so will the consumer price index.

        2. How can an Inflation Calculator help you?

        The rate of inflation is typically measured in terms of the yearly percentage change in the CPI or the consumer price index. The Inflation Calculator can help with an estimation of the additional capital that would be required to buy the same goods and services at some point in the future, considering a rise in inflation. Therefore, a inflation calculator helps you to know about how (and by how much) the current prices of services and goods will change at future dates. With a inflation calculator for inflation, you can also gauge how much the current rate of inflation is.

        3. What are the benefits of an Inflation Calculator?

        The key benefits of an inflation calculator are

        • In India, inflation rates tend to be high. This makes it a challenge to compare the prices of products and services from one year to the next. An Inflation Calculator solves your computation problems by helping you to make comparisons of prices of products and services so you understand the influence that inflation has on your buying potential.
        • You can plan your finances and investments better with an Inflation Calculator than without one.
        • A rise in the cost of living can significantly impact your lifestyle, and an Inflation Calculator tells you where you may have to invest more or save to maintain the same lifestyle in the future.
        • You can adjust your investments according to the rate of inflation by knowing this through an Inflation Calculator.

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        Inflation Calculator FAQs

        1. What is an Inflation Calculator?

        An online tool that is used to determine how the purchase power of a specific amount of capital changes over the course of time, is called an Inflation Calculator. The rate at which goods and services rise is called the inflation rate. It acts as an accurate device to know about inflation in any economy.

        2. Why do we calculate inflation?

        Inflation is generally indicative of an increase in the price of products and services, and a consequent decrease in the purchasing power of individuals in any economy. It is important to calculate inflation as this helps you to plan and organise your financial goals better. The calculation of inflation prepares you to face the future in a sound financial way. You can plan your investments, which may yield future returns, by accounting for inflation, so that you don’t fall short of capital in the future.

        3. What is the difference between inflation and deflation?

        Inflation is a term that represents the state of the economy in which the price of products and services rise, and the power to purchase those products and services falls. With regard to deflation, there tends to be a downward trend of the price level of products and services. Therefore, deflation increases the power to buy products and services.

        4. What is the latest inflation rate in India?

        The current rate of inflation, retail inflation, according to the CPI, is 6.77% (October 2022 data based on Forbes Advisor).

        5. How does the RBI calculate inflation?

        The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) calculates inflation according to the CPI or consumer price index, as well as the WPI, the wholesale price index.

        6. How does inflation impact your savings?

        In periods of inflation, an economy faces an increase in prices of products and services. What this means is that you have to pay more to buy the same products and services. Your cost of living, therefore, increases. In terms of savings, you will have to save more for the future, as prices of things you have to purchase rise.

        7. When you calculate your returns on any investment, should you consider inflation?

        When you make investments to meet your financial requirements for future goals, you have to account for a rise in the cost of services and goods you will need in the future. Today’s prices will not apply as inflation will influence your expenses for future purchases.