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  • Predictable and periodic cash flows

  • Larger profits by staying invested for a longer term

  • Higher returns than liquid investments

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What is a SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan)?

SWP, also called a systematic withdrawal plan, is a financial strategy where investors withdraw a fixed amount regularly from their investments. A Systematic Withdrawal Plan helps investors generate regular cash flows from their investments while earning returns on the remaining invested amount.

While SWP is usually associated with mutual funds, it can also be used for making regular withdrawals from other assets like stocks or bonds. SWP allows investors to withdraw a fixed amount or percentage of their investment portfolio at regular intervals, which could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. It provides investors with a steady stream of income. Most retirees use it to replace a regular paycheck, helping them manage their living expenses and lifestyle during retirement. SWPs safeguard investors from selling their lump sum investments to generate income. It allows them to preserve their principal amount while also separately receiving regular payouts. This is also important for long-term financial security.

SWP acts as a boon or financial lifeline for someone whose regular income has temporarily ceased due to any reasons. It allows them to tap into their investment and withdraw some amount which can serve as a substitute for their lost income. It can help them meet immediate needs ensuring financial stability. While SWPs are fairly beneficial, one should also take care of the tax implications of the same.

When opting for an SWP, is critical with a need to carefully manage the withdrawal rate to ensure that it doesn't deplete your investments prematurely. This combination of flexibility and risk management makes SWP a valuable tool in times of income disruption or discontinuation like post-retirement.

How does the SWP calculator Work?

SWP calculators work to help you determine an amount you can withdraw for a certain duration or the duration for which you can withdraw a fixed amount. An SWP return calculator uses inputs like investment amount, return rate, and withdrawal frequency or amount to determine sustainable withdrawal amount and frequency.

The online SWP plan calculators are extremely helpful in financial planning, especially post-retirement, by giving an accurate picture of how long one’s savings will last.

Below is a brief explanation of how a SWP calculator works:

  • Inputs- Common inputs include the initial investment amount, expected rate of return, desired withdrawal frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly), or the desired withdrawal amount and the duration for which you want to make withdrawals.
  • Rate of Return- The calculator uses the expected rate of return to estimate the growth of the remaining investment over time. This growth can balance out the money taken out and keep the original amount intact.
  • Output (Withdrawal amount/Withdrawal period)- Based on the inputs provided, the calculator returns the optimal withdrawal amount for each period or the maximum duration for which a fixed amount can be withdrawn before the investments run out. It ensures that one has a clear picture of the amount or period for which such systematic withdrawals can be made.
  • Analysis- SWP calculators often present results in a graphical or tabular format. They show the projected income stream, the impact on the remaining investment, and how long the investment is likely to last under different scenarios.

Undoubtedly, online SWP calculators are a valuable resource for retirement planning, helping individuals maintain a balance between regular income and long-term financial security.

How to use the Motilal Oswal SWP Calculator?

SWP provides a safe and efficient way for investors to create a regular income stream from their investments while earning returns on the remaining investment.

Motilal Oswal’s SWP return rate calculator helps you in planning your retirement and finances carefully by helping you visualize multiple scenarios. Using the Motilal Oswal SWP calculator, you can get a clear view of two very important parameters that you need to address during retirement planning:

  • Maximum Amount you can withdraw from your existing investments for a fixed period i.e. till your death
  • The maximum period for which you can withdraw a fixed amount i.e. your monthly expenses from your existing investments

With Motilal Oswal’s SWp calculator, the above 2 calculations are made simple with the user having to provide only basic inputs like:

  • Current Value of Investment: Current amount of investment from which you will make systematic withdrawals
  • Monthly Withdrawal Amount (optional): Amount you wish to withdraw every month, usually your monthly expenses.
  • Period of withdrawal (optional): No. of months for which you wish to withdraw a fixed amount, usually your life expectancy post-retirement in retirement planning
  • Expected Returns (%): Your expected rate of returns on your remaining investment

After entering the above-given data, the calculator will display either the number of months for which you can withdraw a fixed amount every month or the amount you can withdraw every month for a fixed duration. Motilal Oswal’s SWP plan calculator which is one of the most comprehensive tools in the industry also lets you know the amount that might be left at the end of the planned systematic withdrawals.

With these 2 calculations, one gets a very clear picture of whether one’s retirement amount is sufficient enough to cover the retirement expenses till death or if additional investments need to be made to ensure a peaceful retirement.

Benefits of SWP calculator online

Online SWP scheme calculators offer financial clarity, customization, risk management, and informed decisions, saving time and helping with retirement planning. The online calculator enables users to make informed financial choices and make them ready for future financial planning.

Here are a few of the major benefits of using the SWP return rate calculator online-

  • Time efficiency- The online calculator saves a lot of time as compared to manual calculations. It offers quick and accurate results in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Clarity and Precision- Online SWP calculators provide a detailed breakdown of projected income, helping users understand the accurate amount they can withdraw without risking the principal amount. This transparency is important for retirees who depend on their investments for a steady income stream while preserving their financial security.
  • Informed decision-making- Making informed decisions while planning finance is a must. SWP calculators provide users with insights to balance immediate income needs and long-term financial security. This knowledge empowers sound, informed choices for overall well-being.
  • Retirement Planning- SWP calculators are particularly very useful for retirees. The calculator assists in maintaining financial security during retirement years by ensuring that income needs are met without risking the overall financial plan.
  • Managing Risks- Some online SWP calculators assess market risks, providing insights into the impact of economic changes on withdrawal sustainability. This helps in improved risk management in financial planning.

Online SWP return calculators serve as user-friendly tools for retirement and investment withdrawal management and should be referred to by all investors looking to make withdrawals on their investments safely and efficiently.

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