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An IPO (Initial Public Offering) marks a company's debut into the public market and offers investors an opportunity to invest in upcoming and growing companies at an early stage. In an IPO, the company issues shares to the general public for the first time in exchange for fresh capital from individual and institutional investors. A company’s IPO not only offers the company an opportunity to raise fresh capital for growth but also offers an exit opportunity for the early stage investors and the promoters of the company. During an IPO, a specific %age of shares is reserved for retail investors, HNIs and Institutional Investors as mandated by SEBI. The issue price of the IPO can either be fixed or can be determined based on the bids from the investors in case of a book built issue.

Why should
you invest in an IPO?

Access to quality companies at an early stage

Invest in companies with high growth potential before they are available in the stock market.

Opportunity to earn listing gains

High demand for IPO stocks in the secondary market leads to a surge in the stock price resulting in listing gains for IPO allottees

Higher returns on capital in shorter time duration

IPO stocks carry the potential to multiply your investment in a shorter time frame as compared to traditional long-term stock investments

Profit from limited supply of securities

Limited supply of stocks through an IPO pushes investors to pay a higher price resulting in gains for IPO allottees.

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