Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "A"

Glossary List starting with Alphabet

Accrued interest
Accrued interest stands for the interest that has been earned but not collected. This generally happens because of difference in the accounting cycle and cash flow cycle.
Actively managed funds
Investment companies and the fund sponsors do manage some funds in an effort to generate higher returns over the Index managed funds. The funds managed are known as actively managed funds.
Algorithmic trading
Algorithmic Trading is also known as Black box trading , Automated trading or Algo Trading simply. It is a type of trading in which computer are programmed to place trades in some identified fashions and in a high speed which is impossible for humans to operate at.
AMC stands for Asset Management Company. AMC is an entity which invests its clients pooled funds into different investment instruments so as to attain various objectives of the clients.
American depository receipt(ADR)
An American Depository receipt is a negotiable instrument issued by a US Bank representing a no of shares/single share which are being traded on the US Stock Exchange. These are basically instrument for those who are not entitled to trade directly on US Stock Exchange. ADRs are traded in dollar denomination only.
AMFI regesteration number(ARN)
AMFI has allotted all its employees a unique identification number, who are registered with AMFI. It is known as AMFI registration no.
AMFI stands for association of mutual funds in India. It is an Industry Standard Organisation with an aim to develop Indian Mutual Funds Industry at professional & Ethical Lines & view to promote and protect the Investors rights.
Amortization is process of paying of an financial obligation in regular installments over a fixed interval of time. Amortization becomes more convenient and specific in case of Intangible Assets
Annual Interest Rate
It is the effective interest that is paid or earned on a loan, financial instrument due to the compounding over a given period of time. It is also known as Effective Annual Interest Rate
Annual report
Annual report is an annual publication that publicly listed companies have to publish for their investors mentioning the activities that company has been doing in the year as well as elaborate the financial condition of the company.
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